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AFRC - Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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Does anyone know anything about the AFRC in Garmisch? ... the terrain, the possiblity of work, is it an arm of the defense department or ... ? thx in advance.
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Ziggy, want to see a picture of the resort? Go to the MSRT web site (link in my signature line) and click on TEAM. You'll find a picture of me with Garmisch in the background.

Nice mountain, I worked at AFRC many years ago. Yes, it's a American Military operation that hires civilians to staff it. Various jobs, including a ski school. As far as I know there's still an opportunity to work there, but my gut tells me you'd better hurry. Troops are gradually being pulled out of Germany.
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Great town. Very good skiing. In fact, other than the Nebelhorn in Obersdorf, Garmisch offers the best and most challenging skiing in Germany. It is the highest skiable terrain in Germany, and you gain access either by way of train or tram. Verry nice!
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Real close to Munich too, maybe an hour. Sometimes it's a tough decision, skiing or beer hall. There's also a ski hill close called Wank, although the novelty of the name wears thin really quickly. I always found the snow to be heavy at G-P although I should complain given where I live now :
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Garmisch - Great Place!

Check out the link below.

Get's you to the AFRC web site. I worked for AFRC between 1986 and 1989. Fun place, great town, close to a lot of other nice places to visit.

Leigh Plowman, (aka. Shredman or Shred) is the manager of all the recreational programs AFRC offers in Garmisch. He also is an examiner for the PSIA-NRM division.
So, fill out the application and go for it.

Have fun and good luck
Little Bear
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The skiing around Garmisch-Partenkirchen takes place on Germany's highest mtn, the ~9700' Zugspitze towering above the outskirts of the town. Here's a shot of the Zugspitze cable car, one of the hairiest I've ever been on. I believe the vertical rise on the cable car from Eibsee up to the summit of the Zugspitz is 1950m/6393'.
This is up a very steep face of the mtn to a station perched precariously on a jagged, rocky summit. Most impressive construction job! http://community.webshots.com/photo/...4499WACUsAXFEn
Check out the album this photo came from it shows a few other shots of the summit and ski slopes. The scenery is magnificent. G-P has a long history as a recreation spot for American military personnel, but as others said US troop presence in Germany is dwindling.
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thnx y'all

Thnx so much people. I have contacted the AFRC. Maybe this impulse will find me catching up this season for the lost days from the last two. FYI - I believe this is a different resort than the German resort, although near the same location.
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Originally Posted by ziggyskier
FYI - I believe this is a different resort than the German resort, although near the same location.
Say what?? What's different from what?
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the german resorts around garmisch are small by european mega-resort standards. but there is plenty of great terrain. the zugspitze mountain itself (accessed by that canle car an a tram) has a small ski area, partially on a small glacier and has no resort run, but a long season.

the other garmisch resorts are mostly below treeline.

one of the most interesting things in the region is the dammkar in mittenwald, basically a huge 3000ft vertical couloir, accessed by a cable car and not groomed. see: http://www.zfgr.de/karwendelbahn/

sitting on the very north of the alps, garmisch is equally prone to heavy snow if storms from NW arrive (most common storm pattern) and the föhn, (like chinook) wihich will kill the snow on a regular basis. rain at resort level is likely once in a while, as it sits on only 800meters.

that all doen's really hurt, since dozens of world class resorts in austria are within reach.
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GAP and AFRC- A vortex where one winter season easily turns into 2 and half years. My friend described it as: "An American bandstand surrounded by uptight Germany". The Glory Days of AFRC and Garmisch- when backpackers could show up and get jobs... and sometimes never leave- are over. AFRC has been conslidated into one hotel comlplex surrounded by security and a 10 foot wall. Employees live in what used to be a NAZI hospital- complete with murals painted in 1939 depicting blond haired, blued men running around in there underwear. Strange, eerie, and facinating after about 6 or 7 Augustiners (really good beer).

It's hard to describe living in Garmisch and working for AFRC. It can be maddening dealing with the insane bureaucracy of the military, and all that entails. The daily culture shock of being in traditional Bavaria, yet living and working with Americans in little American enclaves. Yet somehow, it's hard to leave the fishbowl that is AFRC.

The skiing can be great when there is snow- but it's easy to get to places like Stubi, Ishgl and St. Anton. The skiing in the Alps in general is an experience all it's own.
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