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Kid's Ski Sizing

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I have a daughter is 13yrs old and weighs 90 lbs, 157cm tall. She's a recreational skier about a level 6-7 skier, and puts in about 30-40 days per season. She skis 70% off piste and likes to ski fast. She's currently on some 140cm Salomon Xscream Team's which come up to her mouth.

I'm wondering debating whether let her go another season with her 140's or go to a 150cm (which would be about eye level) or put her into the wife's 160cm Salomon Xscream8's (which are just a bit taller than she is).

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated....
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My daugthers same age but bigger 120lb 5'5". Last year moved up to 160s after 3 years on 150 kid skis. Have always been about the right length. Think the jump from a 140 to 160 adult at her weight would be a bit much. Should be able to get two years out of a pair of 150s. I'd move up to a intermediate adult ski to get a bit more width.
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In our race program, we tell the younger kids toget shape skis that reach between the chin and the nose. from my onservations of several teams my daughter was on, a 13 girl can be as strong or stronger than an adult woman, or awkwardly growing out of a child's body, or anything in between. Your daughter seems to be tall and skinny, and might be stay with a smaller ski.

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My son (15 yrs old, 5'4"(163cm), 90 lbs, level 7-8) went to a 150cm Volant Vertex 71 this year from a 150cm K2 ModX Jr at the beginning of the season. He demo'ed a few skis and felt that the 150 was the right length for him in that ski, which is fairly wide (he didn't like the Rossi banditXX as much, which I think he tried in a 155). I suspect that at least part of the issue is the ski, not the length. The Volants are a far different ski than the kid's K2, and can be skied a lot shorter while feeling "longer". I agree that the shorter ski will probably be better, but it all depends on the ski. What's more, at age 13 she might grow 2 inches over the summer and autumn!!

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I got it wrong, she's now 5'5" 130lbs, but begining of last year she was about 5-4-120. The 160 she moved up to was a Dynastar Agyl Sup which has a bit of a twin tip so actual length alittle less than 160. Those are now this year rock skis with a Fischer Freeride 68 - 163 her new ski. At her weight 150 is the right length and should do her for a couple of years.
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Thanks for everyone's response. I think will look around during the ski swaps in the fall for a pair of 150cm kids skis. I'll get her to try the 160cm Xscream 8's as well this coming season and see how she likes them. They are mounted on a demo track so it's easy to readjust for her boot size.

Don't you just hate how they keep outgrowing everything?
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