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Lange Custom Air Concept liner question.

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This liner is advertised as a heat moldable liner and I was under the impression that it could be heated up and conformed to my foot. So, I took my Lange Comp 120's into a local shop to get customized and the tech guy tells me that it's not truly a heat moldable liner and that it should only be heated up and customized in areas where it fits too tight or is uncomfortable on my foot. He tells me that they never heat up the entire liner and mold it to your foot shape and that doing so will only cause the liner to pack out faster. Now, I understand that these liners will never give you the same personalized fit as a foam-in liner, but can't the entire liner be heated up to give you a more customized fit? Under his claim if you can heat up a portion of the liner to customize the fit, then why not the entire liner? Anyone else have experience with these?
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These are the "hair dryer" liners that you see stuck over a glorified "hair dryer" for 10-15 minutes. They usually have material that becomes more "compliant" when heated. This material though is usually only in the ankle and tongue areas - it doesn't cover the entire liner. I believe that may be where you had the miscommunication with the tech. What the tech said about packing out is also true. Most techs agree that the heating process just speeds up the on-hill packing out process that "customizes" a liner to the shape of your foot. So the question is whether you want to have the "10 days worn" feel on day #1 in your boots or not.

If you really want a fully thermo-formable liner then you need to look at Intuition and others. Although I've never seen anyone stick a thermo liner in a Lange before. I've heard good things about that new Lange liner. My personal preference would be to "ski" it into shape. In the end I think you'd be happier with the result.
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the custom air liner uses a layer of material next to the foot "the whole liner" in most of the models with it.
the easiest wy to describe it is two layers of interlocking nylon "hairs" (think the cushy part of a wonder bra) when exposed to heat (4 minutes at 180*) they become pliant/malleable if a foot is placed in the boots right away (the heat is disappated(sp) VERY quickly) the nylon hairs will conform to the foot and forming little air pockets (read insulation) making for a better initial fit(and taking the 10 day break in away as mentioned above)
i think Rossi use the same technology(iirc) i havent seen a "new" intuition liner in Canada in 5 or 6 years but they were very moldable
the hot form system by Technica has been explained to me as something similar

pretty much everyone else use a variation of carpet underlay that when heated becomes soft but may or may not hold it's shape

one benefit to heating almost any liner is that it seems the liners "shrink" compared to the plastic shells when in storage/"curing" and a quick heat will help the liner stretch to fill the voids in the shell
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OK - I learned something too. Didn't realize how new this technology was. Thanks.
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