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The perfect mariage?

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Hey you all, need some advice on what ski would be the perfect match for my new Armada's.

Some History: I am 37, 6'1", 200lbs, I am a decent, aggressive eastern skier; I did Patrol at Wolf Mnt in UT (now the Canyons) for 2 seasons back in 96-97. I had to take many seasons off due to work, but I came back last year and I taught last season at Ski Liberty, did not join the PSIA but I could hang with the Level II guys though not as pretty.

The Situation:

Last year I came back to skiing and retired my Volkl VP19's and bought a pair of Nordica SUV14's 180cm(Thank you Rusty Guy), my first pair of shaped skis. Of course I loved them, I was looking for a ski that would do it all and these seemed to fit the bill though I was a little disappointed by the float. Mostly I still ski 90% in the east, though I try to get a journey out west for a least a week, love the trees and to rip up the groomers way too fast, I could never do that in my jacket. Sooo..my friend just gave me a sweet deal on his Armada's (free), I skied them last year on some epic snow at the Bird and just loved them, they made me look real good and I never had so much fun in the crud. So I decided to unload my Nordica's and now I am faced with this question:

I have what I believe to be a great pair of powder, off piste ski in the Armada's, should I now get more of a carving ski with a slim waist or something with like a mid fat that might float me better? I have my eye on a pair of Dynastar Intuitive 74 182cm or 188cm that are on ebay right now ($279 without binding)? Would this be the perfect match? 182cm or 188cm? Is this ski stable at high speed, mind that I am not a racer but I do like to go 30-40, medium to long radius? Will they kick my butt in the bumps like the SUV's?

Thanks for your Input.
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For our area (Liberty, RoundTop, Whitetail), and most of the east coast, the Int 74 would be a great everyday ski. I know several people who ski this as their everyday ski in the east and really like what this ski can do in our "normal" conditions. I think the 182cm would work well at your size.

BTW, don't discount using your fat ski around here some as well. It'll do great on those warm afternoons when everyone else is struggling with the afternoon slush.
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Thanks Coach!
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Being from Australia I went for a compromise (an all-mountain ski) and got the K2 Apache Recon 174's (sweet deal I might add... $550 Australian with Marker binding). I too was finally taking the plunge going from a pair of Volkl 205 P9 GS (yeah, I know they're ancient - I got the blanks at the end of the '89 season in Switzerland for $120 Oz) into the world of shaped skis. We get a fair amount of ice here and these new boards track very well with no noticeable chatter. Not a care in the world when on the groomers - they carved to perfection and went well in the bumps (we get plenty of these as well I might add). I went out of bounds with my son in August in search of freshies and although it wasn't very deep (mid to high boot level), they floated nicely (in stark contrast to the P9's that acted like submarines in the fluff).

Apparently the Apache Recon has been slightly redesigned for '06 and I'm unsure if I got the '05 model or the '06 but I couldn't be happier. I'm off to Canada at the end of December and hopefully I get a chance to see how they really perform in true powder (Griz willing).
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