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Salomon X-Wave 10 vs. Head S12

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After trying on both the X-Wave 10 and the S12, both of which are rated at the same perfomance level, I have a question regarding boot flex.

The Salomon Wave is, fore and aft, a much stiffer boot than the Head. How would I feel that if I were skiing in the Salomon? As I bend my knees more, it would put greater pressure on the front of the boot. Would that move me forward on the "sweet spot?" Would I start to load the tip of the ski more than I would with a softer flexing boot? How is that going to translate into control of the ski? And is the stiffer Salomon likely to beat the crap out of my shins?

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You don't mention what level you are, or what you mostly ski on (ice needing a stiffer boot than pow, for instance). And I've never skied a Head boot. But I own XWave10's and IMO, they're among the softest fore/aft expert boots out there, one of the few that's good in bumps or off-piste. Don't beat up your shins if your CM stays roughly in the same place. The 8 would give you a lot of the same lateral parameters, fit, but is softer. Might try it.
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I went from a pair of Salomon Xwave 10's to a pair of Heads, not the S12's but to the World Cup 103's. The main reason for that was that the Salomons did not fit very well after they packed out. Of course, fit is very subjective, and varies from person to person, but after skiing a whole season on the Heads, I have zero issues with them. They fit perfectly, snug throughout, no hotspots, are warm and perfectly balanced, and the flex is so even that you're not even aware of it, something that was not the case with the Sollies. I've skied mostly Salomon, Tecnica and Langes up until now, and I can say that, at least for me, the Heads are vastly superior.
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I ski a Head RS100 (which is supposed to be the same volume as the S12 not sure about flex), its an awesome boot. Once they get cold they are pretty darn stiff, but I don't even notice that when I'm skiing, they flex smoothly and are very supportive. Now, when its time to take them off, well that's a different story. On a cold day they are hard to get off.
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I owned the X-wave 10's for 2 seasons and have spent time in the RS100's as well: the fit is more customizable on the RS100's, so that is quite nice. To me, the Sollie's are a bit wider in the forefoot. The big difference, IMO, is that the RS100 is more upright and therefore feels more balanced, whereas the X-wave's have more forward lean. I own the Head RD boots, which have similiar forward lean to the RS100's, and they are easily the best boots I have owned. The X-wave 10's felt that I was always slightly correcting for the forward lean, whereas I can more easily initiate movements with my hips in the Head boots.
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Originally Posted by beyond
they're among the softest fore/aft expert boots out thereit.
That sure wasn't my impression when trying on boots. I tried the Head S12, the Nordica Speedmachine 12, the Techinica Fire, and the X-Wave 10, and the X-Wave felt far and away stiffer, fore and aft, than any of the other boots (all of which are rated at the same performance level).

I'm advanced intermediate.
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I have the older X-Wave 10's (yellowish-orange in colour) after going off a pair of Salomon SX-92 Equipe (yeah, I know rear-entry is out of vogue these days) as the liners were separating and causing massive boot rub. I don't find them to stiff but here in Australia we get a lot of ice and stiffness comes in handy. Been in some mid to high boot fluff and the boots didn't present any problems at all. I'm not a heavy weight (175lbs & 6'2") BUT apparently I have a very long shin bone which (according to my boot fitter) makes up for the lack of weight regarding the stiffer flex of the boot. I find I can flatten the flex in most (if not all) rec boots and hence why I went for the X-Waver 10's.
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