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I am scheduled to run my first marathon (26.2 miles - 42.2 km) this coming Sunday. My training mantra has been 42 at 42.

I needed a new goal to keep me motivated, having ran a half marathon last fall. I have been running for a few years now and am 25 lbs lighter for it.

The best of it is that it has made me a better skier. Cycling is probably a better sport for skiing, in so far as it builds up the quads, but the simple fact of being in much better physical shape has helped my skiing. Last year I found my legs did not get tired after a day or a week skiing. You can cover alot more vertical in a day if you are not stopping to rest a few times on the way down.

Any other Epic skiers out there running this fall (10k? Half Marathon?)

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The Prince Edward Island Marathon looks like a beautiful run, especially along the National Park beach. I just finished a marathon last Saturday in St. George, Utah, which is a whole other look compared to the PEI marathon. Lots of juniper trees and red-orange sandstone. I've been running for a few years now and I'm afraid I'm hooked. And you're correct, it's a great way to keep in shape for skiing. Enjoy your marathon, and happy running.
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running my first marathon (inaugural santa barbara international) in a few weeks. (i'm 48.) found a flyer for it on the ground back in june, decided it was a sign and opportunity. got my 21-miler in a few weeks ago and have been easing back since, though i've thrown in a couple hour-long "sprints" to get the leg turnover up and maybe take a few minutes off my time, although i'm not really concerned with that. just hoping to hold my slow and steady pace, finish in good form, then jump in the ocean.

for what it's worth, i've found the Clif Quench drinks to be great for staying hydrated and keeping the electrolytes up. and the superfeet green insoles in my brooks defyance 2 shoes have helped my high arches.

looking forward to taking this fitness to the bike (and whistler!) in january.

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As an ex-marathoner one word of advise, give your body a day of rest between long runs.  I didn't and ran 50 to 70 miles a week(plus skiing)  for years and am now paying the price, worn out knees.  I've reached the point where I can no longer run and I miss it.
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post

. and the superfeet green insoles in my brooks defyance 2 shoes have helped my high arches.

That's a pretty tough footbed for a 26.2 runner.  
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Hello fellow marathoners.

I completed my 12th marathon three weeks ago in DC at the Marine Corps Marathon.  That was my 4th and last marathon for this year.  I'm just gearing up my training for spring with a marathon in January, another in Feb, and then Boston in april. 

Ryan - I'm a Brooks guy too and doing most of my training in the Defyance 2s. 

Good luck everyone with your training and racing.
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My training has been very unconventional. I ran hard and a lot in my 20's, one reason i ended up getting on the bike and staying on it; running does take a toll. Also, every mile i've run has been uphill, on the treadmill. (My body remembers the residual effect of pounding ashpalt and concrete.) So, while I'll feel the effects of being on the street in the marathon, I think there's a good chance that had I trained on asphalt, I might never have reached the starting line. (By the same token, finally being on a surface that isn't at a 5% incline will, I think, be a noticeable change, along with scenery, fresh air and being in the mix with thousands of other runners.)

I have been running once a week. You won't find that in many training programs. I figured the key was the long run, longer each week, and the recovery between runs. So, I've been my own guineau pig. The day of my 20-miler was scheduled to be 15 but I felt so strong I decided to take care of the long one. I was surprised how fresh I felt but did notice some residual fatigue that crept up over the next couple weeks, so decided to start tapering. I knew that I could handle the distance - my genes are pretty endurance-friendly - but felt physically like that marked the time to start winding down and make sure there'd be gas in the tank when the day comes around.  

Helps to not be too concerned with time. Having said that, I'm guesstimating a finish at around the 4:30 mark.  I'll file a report post-event.   

Comprex, yes, very sturdy; I like the firm feel; softer shoes and soles tire my feet. 

Timr1, congrats; that's impressive. i don't know that I'll ever do another one although there's a certain level of fitness I've attained that would seem to hang around if I even halfway take care of business. I will likely  continue to run once a week, for an hour, increasing incline and speed, and transfer the distance training back to the bike.

Interestingly, while I'm leaner now than when I began, I've maintained my 175-180 pounds throughout.
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