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Summit County lodging

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Hi guys,

Just joined up today as I'm heading Colorado way in mid January and want to pick your brains for some nice, economical lodging in Breckenridge or Summit County.

At the minute there's just me, but that will almost certainly rise to two or three so I'm guessing a hotel will be more cost effective than a condo/apartment but I'll be guided by the experts.

Many thanks

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i'm not sure just how economical you wanna go, but search hotels in frisco(about 15 min. from breckienridge). you should be able to get some for $75US.
i'd go condos myself - - you could get 1 at inner circle for $120-140 5 min. from lift and you save on driving and eating out, but its up to you.
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Right now your best bet would be to check out

You should find a single for around $69.

Cheapest finds will be in Dillon, Silverthorn and Frisco.
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Try this one....been booking here for years and they are usually the cheapest... ....want more try
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Try this site:

It's a listing site for owners to rent their condos directly (without using a rental company or the resort - cuts their costs, saves you $$). I've used this for years and have gotten a slopeside condo (ski to the door, walk 150' to the lift) at Copper for less than $200 per night for many years running. These places sleep 8 comfortably, so even if you have 4, each cost is less than $50/night and you have way more room than trying to stuff everybody in a hotel room. Buy groceries in town and you can really save some $$ for beer: .

BTW, welcome.
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I've found some good deals from time to time at No hotel rooms, just condos, but i think that they are usually more economical if you have more than 2 people, especially if you save money on eating out.
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Couple of places I stayed at before moving out here:

Snowshoe Motel in Frisco - basic cheap motel lodging but right downtown in Frisco, right where the free Summit Stage buses for both Copper and Breck stop.

Hotel Frisco - up the block and across the street. A nicer, classy small hotel/small lodge place. Fairly reasonable and very friendly place.

Haven't stayed at the Summit Inn in Frisco, but a colleague of mine works there and I checked the place out. Pretty much ok for basic lodging and near the bus lines. Otherwise not really in walking distance to downtown Frisco but right off the highway.
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We stayed at the Frisco Lodge last year and will be again this year: clean, nice bed, good location, good breakfast (and tuning bench & iron on premises : ).
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The "three star" (not 2.5 or 3.5) on for the Silverthorne/Frisco area is the Holiday Inn - and the prices on hotwire are pretty damn good for that nice of a hotel room.

disclaimer: ymmv, it's been the holiday inn every time I've booked it, but sometimes hotwire changes things...

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Thanks for the feedback. There's plenty there for me to be going on with - unfortunately I've just found out I'll be there over a holiday weekend so the prices will be up. Us Irish folks don't know about MLK day - hope that doesnt make it to busy]

Thanks again for the info

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Look! It's the search button! Give a shot... you know you want to...
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Hey you Frisco guys, I haven't been there in a few yrs. Is the Log Cabin still serving a good breakfast? I understand the highway (9) is all built up now. I am starting the feel the need again. I have spent a few nights at the Snowshoe also there was a small motel a couple of blocks southwest (I think) of the center of town, Don't remember the name, U shaped building single story, had a separate pool building in the center of the parking lot, it was good also and the price was right.
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Originally Posted by Steve2ski
Hey you Frisco guys, I haven't been there in a few yrs. Is the Log Cabin still serving a good breakfast?
Yup. I don't recommend lunch, but breakfast is ok there. There's a few other places in town that are decent too. I liked Claimjumper, but they closed last year.
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You can check out Frisco property management sites for lodging. I'd really recommend Frisco since it's centrally located in Summit County, so you'd be just a few minutes away from ski resorts.
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Lots of recommendations for Frisco. It is centrally located but if you stay in Frisco you must drive or take the bus to ski. There is no downhill skiing in Frisco. Traffic between Frisco/Breck after skiing can be horrible. A 15 minute drive can turn into a nightmare. If you figure in driving time, parking etc, it can add some significant time onto your day.

If you have limited time, you may want to stay close to where you plan to ski. I would think you could find some decent deals in Breck or at Copper. Condos in Wildnernest may be cheaper but it also adds time to your commute.
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This thread is 3 years old guys.
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