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New Gear for 2003 URL

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Thanks for the pretty pics of the new 2003 gear!!
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Three things to understand about the Japan market:
1)Ski manufacturers often don't ship their longest/biggest equipment sizes available in the Europe or the US to Japan,
2)Some of the larger manufacturers use different color schemes for the Japan market owing to differences in tastes/trends, and
3) The last statistics that I saw show that Japan has more skiers than the US.
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Believe it or not....

Japan is THE largest ski market in the world.
Bigger than Europe, bigger than North America!

And their taste in colors and graphics are not to be believed. They will take a model of ski which is very popular here in the US, change the name, change the graphics, and sell the hell out of it over there.

Example- the K2 FOUR. Simple Red, White, Blue w/ black base
In Japan- it became the "SCORCHER", burnt orange with a little Tasmanian devil type character on them, w/ yellow bases.

Gart Sports brought several hundred pair back into the US a couple of years ago, and sold them at SNIAGRAB.

Go figure.....
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Yeah, you see a lot of those horrible honeycomb pattern K2s at Garts in Dillon!
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Oh! That explains a lot. I bought 2 pairs of what must be Japanese skis at Sportmart (I think it is part of Gart). They have unheard of names (Swallow Neon, and EX Arrowx) and very colorful graphics. It's good to know they may actually be decent skis.
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same thing happens here in Canada at Sport Chek. K2 and HEad will send them skis with a different top sheet and name. I found this to be very confusing. How is the consumer able to know what they are really buying?
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