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Baldface Lodge Cat Skiing

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I recently recieved an invitation to join some friends for three days of cat skiing at Baldface Lodge near Nelson, BC. I've never been cat skiing before & haven't found much info about the area. Does anyone have any personal info?

I already ran a search on this forum & read the one piece from the NY Times article. I would like to know if any Bears have been there and if they would recommend the trip.

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Here's their website:

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This is a not to be missed adventure.

I skied with them in their second season, before the lodge was built. they have some amazing terrain. 36,000 acres of it.

Continuous vertical may not be as much as other areas. (averaging, I think 1000 feet per run) But some of the steepest most amazing tree skiing, open bowls, etc... I've ever skied. You will do a small amount of hiking but its worth it.

To give you an idea, when I went in Feb of 2002, it hadn't snowed for two weeks and we were skiing untracked all day long both days.

Of course it didn't hurt that I was skiing with Sarah Burke, her husband, and a photog and writer from ski magazine. ( I think they'd been saving some classic terrain for em for publicity's sake.)

The people who run it are a great bunch of folks and you will not be disappointed. Too bad it isn't as inexpensive as it was back then.
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