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Altitude & Tylenol

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I don't know if anyone has read much about the above study but I found it rather distressing & wondered how much using Tylenol would effect ones ability to breath at high altitudes.
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Hi, Rio; There's increasing epidemiologic and pathophysiologic evidence of a link between chronic and frequent acetomenophen use and certain chronic lung diseases. So in a way, acetomenophen use could affect one's breathing at altitude if such use was in fact causally related to one's chronic lung disease. Afaik, there isn't any good clinical or epidemiologic evidence that short-term or infrequent use of the drug in healthy individuals (without a history of lung disease) has precipitated or been associated with acute respiratory difficulties at any altitude.

'hope that answers your question,
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As Rick says. I have the paper that they discuss in that news article in my office (I get that journal (AJRCCM), and recall reading the paper but don't remember all of the details). I'll take a look tomorrow and review it, but as Rick mentioned this is not an issue for the vast majority of us- this is about long term chronic users (probably overusers) of the drug.
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