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Where to stay - Pagosa Springs

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I've been going to Wolf Creek over Thanksgiving Vacation for the last 5 or 6 years and I'm still looking for a good (cheap) place to stay. All I need is a bed and clean shower and a little heat. Not interested in a swimming pool or hot tub. I've stayed at the Oak Creek Best Western - very overpriced on holidays for what you get. I've stayed a few times at the Pine Lodge - Mom and Pop Motel, went downhill the second time I stayed there. San Joaquin Motel - stayed in one of the old rooms and there was no counter space in the bathroom to put anything, not to mention the old radiator-type heaters that you have to just about back your fanny up against to get warmed up! I really don't want to pay a fortune but it seems all the prices have gone up again this year. I thought I'd try the First Inn but they want $90 a night over Thanksgiving! Geez, I don't want to BUY the place! : Maybe someone out there knows of a "diamond in the rough." Let me know if you do.
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I just made reservations at the Wolf Creek Lodge in South Fork for $69/night. If you look on Wolf Creek's website, they have plenty of places listed that are a little cheaper, but remember its a holiday weekend and you won't get too much less for a hotel.
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stayed a night at Pine Lodge a couple of weeks ago, I'd second your opinion, 65 per night off-season rate, nothing special going on in town (could've been b/c of hunting season).
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If you are looking for cheap, I second the Wolf Creek Lodge in South Fork. I've stayed there. It is owned by a couple from Vermont. If you are looking for dining amenities, you'll have to stay in Pagosa Springs.
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Anything in South Fork on the east side of Wolf Creek Pass is inexpensive.
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Thanks, everybody for your suggestions!
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