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Avalanche Beacon Drills

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Hi Everyone,

Does anybody have ideas for dry land drills with avy beacons? It is time to get them out and start practicing, but there is not enough snow to bury a backpack. It would be helpful if there were any ideas. It is never to early to brush up on safety . Thanks.

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I have my kids bury them in leaves or hide them in the bushes.
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The Backcountry Access (manufacturer of the Tracker beacon) website used to have a great document describing how to do searches and drills. You might try there:
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Tree? woods? My freind who goes out west more has one, and he asked me to hide it somewhere. I put it in a watertight pelican case in a small natural pool in a forest. he thought i was kidding when i said to jumpm in.
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The bca website has some nice powerpoint presentations, complete with scary photos. I did not find any dry land stuff, though. Thanks for the link.

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I've tried putting the "fox" unit downstairs on atop a ladder and ran the search upstairs. Much tougher to pinpoint when it came down to the fine search. Put the fox on a tabletop to make it even harder to pinpoint.

Also tried hiding it in the vegitable/fruits at a grocery store (after talking to the produce supervisor & store manager so that they know what's going on with the beeping boxes.

We've also used a playground with a couple of sandboxes and buried it inside a waterproof otter box. Find which sandbox with coarse search, then fine search and probe.
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Hang it up in a tree. Not too high, maybe 5 - 6 ft. It'll behave the same as if it was 5 - 6 feet below ground.
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Jake -

If you go to the south end of Sourdough Trail in Bozeman there is a big field with matted down grass by the parking area off Goldenstien. The grass is ideal for hiding beacons in for practice. Another good place is Graf Park which is a 16 acre open space abutting Graf Street just off 3rd on the north end of Sourdough Trail.
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Thanks Rio,

Nice to see Bozeman people are here. I will try those spots out. I know where they are, and they are just the ticket. I have used Bozeman beach area, but there just isn't enough area to make it a challenge. Thanks again, maybe see you on the mountain!

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Jake -

I'll be at Bridger Bowl most weekends its open. Also, if you use Graf Park stop by my place (7th house on the east side) & I'll give you a couple cold ones to hide for incentive.
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