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Ole' time Yankee baseball

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Two Words:
Mariano Rivera
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Let's go Angels!
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Should be a good game tonight.
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representin' and all that...
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Should be a good game tonight.
27 outs and a Dream!

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yer in big trouble tonight shen, I found my monkey!!

go halos!!!

on a serious note, huge kudos and a tip of my myriad bosox caps to torre, cashman and stottlemeyer....for getting this mess this far. amazing really, be even more amazing if they win another game......

I wouldn't bet on it.....

the only ghosts in halo land are donnie moore's......angels fans are too dumb to be fraid of pinstripes....and no pinstripes on the road jerseys anyway....

good luck shen....you're okfor a yankee fan..at least you're actually from ny, unlike the phoney yankee fans around here...

enjoy the game at least your mess made it to game 5....

unlike mine
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I have hopes but I wouldn't bet on the game.

At least they didn't go down in flames like it seemed they would mid season.
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