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Ski Clothing

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I was shopping online for a pair of ski pants and came accross some really high priced items. Does anyone really buy this stuff?I thought skis were expensive.

They have a new Spyder IPOD jacket for $3,000. They also have a boarder jacket made out of mink fur for men...$4,200. Pair of leather gloves with mink lining for $500. Tommy Hillfiger thermal underwear for $120(who's going to see it?). Socks out there for $100 ...holy &^$,....I suppose this is more for the Aspen and Vail crowd.
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You can spot a Euro on the hill in seconds based on the clothes. Some expensive gaudy stuff with lots of jewelry.

I guess if it makes em happy and they can afford it, there's always going to be the guy selling leopard print fur something...
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Personally, I think the mink jackets are passe and oh so gauche- I'm going for mink pants this year.
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There's a guy here building a 32000 square foot HOUSE. He does not have 34 wives. Something tells me that a $3000 jacket would be "the cheap stuff".
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Some years back I saw one of these types at an Australian mass-market resort, perisher blue. She looked very silly indeed (in fact I took a photo of her) and was causing widespread amusement.

She was covered in heavy makeup, with a fluffy band thing around her head. She wore a suit in that Hermes/Versace type design fabric, with a huge ornate belt with some name logo in metal letters, and fur trim. She was standing around buildings looking very out of place, regarding the mud and slush.

She would have looked OK at an upmarket US resort, or any euro resort, but as it was, the poor thing was wearing a ballgown to a BBQ.
I must fish the photo out, says it all really.

Skiing is a chance for people, especially men, to display themselves in fine plumage that they wouldn't wear anywhere else, but the setting is very important too!
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Originally Posted by dp
Personally, I think the mink jackets are passe and oh so gauche- I'm going for mink pants this year.

Also, in these days of rocketing fuel costs, remember that nothing says "I could care less" like a gasoline-powered turtleneck sweater.
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