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ski durability probs

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my atomic beta ride 9.22s aren't holding up to well, I hop off rocks and clifs and go threw the ungroomed alot and they are falling apart on me.
I was wondering what skis are more durable. have tougher edges and bases.
Ive noticed that salomons have wider edges than most others but beyond that I wouldn't know.


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Have some lessons???
Try Stocklis - tough skis
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Skis are designed to be used on snow. No ski is good on rocks.
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I would have to reccomend Atomics. I have 2 pairs of 10:ex's that were used extesively for Big Mountain comps in Colorado last season (you know, the year with NO SNOW), not to mention extensive skiing at Abasin, and they are actually usable again for this season. Avoid anything w/metal if you can, ie: Stockli's or Volants since they will bend and not bend back. Likewise, rock impact damage on an edge is very ugly w/ a ski that has a metal topsheet.

Fischer has had some problems w/ sidewall strength in ther Big Stix line. Great ski, dunno if they've got that issue worked out of production yet.

- Paul
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Originally posted by funkybob:
I hop off rocks and clifs and go threw the ungroomed alot
there are some pretty big clues right there
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