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mantra vs sugar daddy

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ok... i need some replies quick on this one... as im either making a purchase tommorow or im not.

i think i have the oppurtunity to buy a pair of mantra's (177s) for $450 US plus shipping so around $600 Cdn all told...

but a local shop is sellin 04/05 Sugar Daddys for $500 plus tax so in my prov that means say $570 total....

im gonna be skiing this ski mostly on pow and in the trees etc little groomer action but only to rip to the next pow line. any comparisons on the 2? any help greatly appreciated... experiences etc. i was really stoked to be getting the mantras but im not 100% sure if theyre mine or not yet. so im thinking i should jump on this deal on the sugar daddys
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The Mantra is going to be a better all mountain ski if you decide to ski it on the groomers. Dont hesitate, just buy it!
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For pow, I'm pretty sure the Sugar Daddys are the better ski.
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