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Slopes and furrows

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Just an odd question.. I hiked up my local mountain today (just rocks and grass and more rocks right now) and there are these furrows that are trenched into the gorund - about a meter wide and deep, and they run back and forth sort of perpendicular to the fall line. Is this something for snowpack drainage or ?? They are definitely man made.


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I always figured they were for erosion control -- i.e., if the snowmelt runs straight down to the parking lot the trails would rapidly get destroyed. With the furrows in place, some of the snowmelt gets diverted off into the woods, which will naturally divert it.
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many resorts have diversion ditches on their trails to channel water off the trails. Water running under the snow causes faster melting, sink holes and ice as it comes to the surface and freezes.
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Yes, at least on a small local mountain in New England that I hike on in the summer, there are (were) such trenches and after having asked someone who worked there, I was informed they are indeed for drainage. Although they were more of an inverted "V" to allow gravity to help the flow a little more.

I saw "were" because the mtn closed. Sniff.
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