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Mantra Flex

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So I got my new Atomic boots fitted today at the local shop and they happended to have a pair on Volkl Mantra's, so I had to handle (fondle) them and give them the 'ole shop flex test.

NEWS FLASH (at least to me) - Mantra's are way softer than Explosiv's...and I dare say even softer than Gotama's. I'm still bummed that I missed my chance to demo them last spring in Squaw. However, I think I know why they scored so well in the Ski Mag tests...Someone finally made a better Pocket Rocket.

Just thinking out loud...
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So....you bought them right??

I don't know why the Mantra is being cast as stiff and burley. Its a great floater and bends to any turn shape. When I ski it, I can definitely feel it bend, but it does not fold. I think the PR Gun model was going to try to accomplish this as well. Anyway, 2 layers of titanal and wood core make it a different ski. Torsionally stiff keeps it from being deflected in spite of its light weight.

BTW, I was fitting the Garmont Adrenaline boots today in Truckee. Must be that time of year.
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It probably is a really fun ski...it just didn't seem like the next Explosiv. I still want to demo a pair, but unless they are just phenomenal, I don't think I'll be dumping the Wizards any time soon.

Boy...I'm jones'n for snow...
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I think you will get more back out of the ski than you are expecting. Its not your father's Explosiv. (reference to Oldsmobile commercials) I have had a ball on them on and off piste and backcountry. I hope you get a chance to try them out. At least you guys are off to a better start from a weather point of view than last year. I was up at the Sierra Crest today. Nice colors..no snow:. The big question, can we repeat the Halloween miracle?
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My experience is that the 184 Mantra is stiffer than the 183 Gotama, but softer than the 180 Explosiv.

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They're not softer than a Gotama.
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From what I could tell, the 184 Mantra seemed pretty stiff, especially for it's heft and length. Still pretty similar to an explosive.
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a Gotama is a noodle compared to a Mantra
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I thought the 184 Mantra tip was a bit softer than my maroon 180 Exploder.
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