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A first for the Dawg...

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This year, I will not buy ski gear. :

Now before you go assuming that this is because of the recent addition of the Xpup, read on...

The current quiver consists of 6 pairs of skis;

Volant FB's, Sins, and Genesis.

Solly Xscreams

Head Cyber (Rock Ski)

Dynastar Legend 8k.

If those can't get it done folks, I need to take up crochet.

Now this embargo also extends to peripheral gear. Normally, I'm scouring Sports Auth, TJ Maxx, et al for early deals, but not in 05/06.

I have 3 jackets, light, medium, and medium/technical.

5 pairs of pants from Oakley, Airwalk, Burton, etc.

3 sets of longjohns in varying weights.

4 different shades of goggles from Bolle, Oakley, Smith, etc.

3 pairs of Grandoe Gore Tex gloves, and a backup pair of Heads from Costco.

And an endless assortment of straps, bags, balms, widgets, and what have you!

Enuff is enuff people, I'm running out of storage. So this year, I'm skiing what I brung, and that's that. In fact, I'd like to trim the quiver to 4 pairs max by end of season.
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We said that too at the end of last year...

so far "season to date" we've bought new skis and boots for each of us, new pants for me, and scalce hasn't even started on the tuning gear yet - apparently one can never have too much wax ?

I'm also contemplating a new helmet - I love my helmet and haven't fallen too many times with it - but I want to make sure it protects my head (especially if we ski opening day at K-mart) - when is the right time to buy?
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Let me help you get that quiver down to 4 pair. PM me for my address and I'll pay the shipping on those screams. Anything to help a friend.
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Same here, I bought this year's skis last spring. Now about Xpup...When the lil dude starts hitting you up for the 6th year of college tuition, cars, gas money and Xpup2 is doing the same; THAT is when you cut back on gear. (or maybe not?)

Been there, done that.
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You'll be buying stuff inside of a couple months. You should know better than to come on here and jinx yourself by saying your not. Looks like you're a little thin in the long john department.... slacker.
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Okay, maaaaaayyyybe I'll be looking to replace my 6 y.o. boots at end of season. But I'm reining it in! I've got 10# of crap in a 5# bag!
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