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Y'see, now I'm really beginning to want some Sins. Problem is I really have no need for them. So I will absolutely not buy a pair of Machete Sins...................until next fall.
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2004 sins

Picked up pair today, threads read as predicted.
I expect this board to be a good all-mountain stick.
A bit damped with the SS top cover yet a bit snappier because they left the sides open open and free to flex (this is what made me go forward and hopefully stop this "bent" thing). A ballanced but "firmer" flex compared to other a free ride skis shovel to tail. I expect the need to be a bit more precise in hard moguls but everywhere else I expect this ski to have pretty good results. We shall see....
BTW, I'm a fan for turn table MRR's and see that my newer ones will fit with just a slight adjustment to the brake arms, about a 2-3mm tweak outward. All the best and if you're out there, push it, you'll be happy you did!!
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