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Flex amount advice for boots?

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I am an advnaced skier (not expert, and a ways above intermediate, like to ski on and off piste), and have just purchased some Salomon XWave 9.0 boots.

How much should one be able to forward flex a new boot (standing indoors)?

I thought I read on EpicSki the other day "2 -4 inches" but that seems impossible!

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You might want to check out this post:

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Ski boot flex is very important, especially with the new tech in ski's.

Remember being able to flex a boot inside, does not mean anyting much. Once the boots are outside in the cold they will stiffen up.

Most people are buying boots that are way to stiff. Causing them to lose connection with their ski's and causing them to have difficulty or making it harder to ski.

Put your ball's or pride away, when buying boots. Give the boot fitter the information about skiing terrain (blues, blacks, etc) how aggressive you are, etc. A good boot fitter should be able to put you into a boot that goes with your ability.

Most important, go with a boot that fits your feet right. Do not pick that that boot your buddy has, or you want because it looks cool. I see to many people who have bought boots that are not the right configuration for their feet i.e. wide foot in a narrow boot, causing lose of circulation and cold feet. They end up buying boots twice.
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I completely agree with calma. i used to be the guy that would buy the best out there, sometimes it ended up not being what i needed. one thing a local bootfitter did i thought was interesting was he told me to sit with my feet flat on the floor and then keeping my heel on the floor lift my toes as high as i could. he said the purpose of this test was to show how easy i could flex my foot. people that could flex their foot pretty high (6 inches or so off the ground) he would tend to go a little stiffer than normal, and vise versa.
this was all done of course after all of the other info was learned. i ended up with the x-wave 9.0 as well ( 02 model)

Good Luck [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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