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I found this article about a clinic with Mike Rogan, who is one of our ESA East coaches, by one of the pros who posts frequently on the Technique & Instruction forum: http://www.therusty.com/rogan_day.htm

(Be sure and go to the Home page to see all the other great stuff on The Rusty's site.)

I'll be posting links to other articles of interest by and about our coaches in this thread, and invite others to do the same.
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Of course, there's LisaMarie's article: http://www.associatedcontent.com/con...=4 968&page=3
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Weems again, on How to take a Lesson: http://www.snowplaces.com/ssTips/lessons.html
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Weems and Charlie MacArthur are the instructors in this piece, Are You Getting Bad Advice? http://www.skinet.com/skinet/instruc...322990,00.html
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It happens that Charlie MacArthur has an extensive film career, including Meltdown Madness and Paddlemania: http://www.aspenkayak.com/the_staff.htm

No wonder, you'll say, if you find an interesting fact about Charlie MacArthur buried in this one: http://www.paddlermagazine.com/issue...ticle_80.shtml
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A sideline of Jim Schanzenbaker and Andy Docken: http://www.skipressworld.com/us/en/d...ps.ht ml?cat=
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More on Mike Rogan and Charlie MacArthur: http://www.psia.org/psia_2002/press_rm_t.asp?mode=pr13
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