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K2 Four or cheap

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Here's my stuation. It's been awhile for me. I tore my knee and haven't been out in 6 seasons. I'm ready to go back out this year,my daughter wants to learn so I proboubly won't ski too hard but who knows. I'm an advanced skier 5'10" 225# or atleast I was. I know nothing about modern equipment so I will demo some skies this season. I'm not sure if I should pick up a cheep pair of ski's for the season or just ride out the pair I have. I see Volkl V3 with bindings for $140 how could I go wrong at that price unless they are worse than what I own alredy. Any advice would be appriciated,

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Rather than buy something you will likely not be too thrilled with, I would suggest trying to demo some equipment for the season and get an idea of what you like and don't like out of 6 seasons of ski design.

Going with a used ski off ebay or a gear swap from the recent past would also not be a bad idea.
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You need to demo some new skis. You can't do that when your on your own $140. bargains.
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