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Crossing from Snowbird to Alta

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We've a group of 10 headed to SLC in December, of which only 2-3 of us ski ... the rest are boarders. We plan to hit Snowbird/Alta one day, and especially so since someone mentioned a combined lift ticket which allows skier access to both resorts.

Questions are: first off, is there a combined ticket allowing access between both these resorts? Which trails do you take in order to cross over, or how do you get from one resort to the other? Can you purchase the ticket at the window, from either resort?

If this is the case, even better. Thanks....
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You can buy the altabird ticket at either area wherever they sell tickets, or in SLC at ski shops.

To get from Bird to Alta, ride the tram, ski off the backside into mineral basin, then ride the baldy express lift up to sugarloaf pass. T this point, you are on the border between the two areas.

From Alta (albion side), you can ride the sunnyside and sugarloaf lifts to sugarloaf pass.

From Alta (wildcat side), ride the collins lift, ski down to the base of sugarloaf lift and ride that up to the pass.

Hope that helps.
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from snow bird. take the tram up, ski down mineral basin. take the baldy express up. its all in the trail map. its all pretty easy.

question is when in december are you going? because they don't sell the combo ticket till mid-december - depending on snow conditions.

couple of times that i went in the first weekend of december - although mineral basin was open - the interconnect was not.
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It used to be Alta never allowed snowboarders...I don't know if this has changed, but you should probably check it out.
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As of last year Alta did not allow boarders. Also, the combined ticket is very expensive. Either area is more than you can ski in one day, so there is no reason to pay more to try and ski both on the same day.
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I believe the combo ticket is only $64 and Alta does not allow snowboarders.
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When is earliest to ski Alta and have all terrain open or close to open?
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Originally Posted by ski=free
When is earliest to ski Alta and have all terrain open or close to open?
All depends on coverage. Their official opening is like Nov 15th every year, but last year cause of the pre/post Halloween dumps they were 100% or close to it when they opened which was 2 weeks early I believe.
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When are you headed out?
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Snowbird's Baldy lift faces directly south, so getting that terrain covered might result in the delay of the combined pass in below average early seasons. The AltaBird pass is more reasonable on a 3-day ticket.
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getting a combo ticket doesn't make alot of sense, there is PLENTY of terrain to ski at snowbird if you decide to go there with the boarders, no need to sneak over to Alta, and if you do it'll probably take so much logistics and time/orienteering to meet up with the boarders, why bother, just ski one or the other, and save a few bucks.
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The combined ticket sounds great but as others have already stated, there is plenty of terrain at either resort to keep you interested for a day or even several days if you venture through the gates and into to powder - still inbounds.
If some want Alta and some want the Bird, they are only 1-2 miles apart by road. Stop at the Canyons Sport Shop for Alta tickets on the way up. If I recall, Smiths Grocery sells discount Snowbird tickets. Or buy the super pass from your hotel - it's a good deal - good at either resort. The Super Pass also allows you to ride the bus up if the roads are bad as often they are.
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We skied a week in the SLC area last December and went to Snowbird one day out of the week. We're going back to SLC this mid-December, and over the course of the week will hit several resorts ... Powder Mtn, Snowbasin, PC, etc.

I'm fully aware that Alta is skiers only. So for the 1 day we hit the Snowbird/Alta area the few skiers in the bunch can do both. Our group of 10 people includes a few teenagers and we don't want to totally split up. The combined pass allows the boarders all they can handle at SB, and skiers (the lucky ones) can hit both resorts. Too we can establish places, locations and times to meet back up.

Thanks for the info
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