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I could go for a good/bad Warren Miller flick right about now.
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Originally Posted by ATskier
It appears to me that the film is just an excuse to party with your friends after not seeing them in the off season. I'm a former art critic by profession. I used to hate to go to Artist receptions or openings at galleries for that reason. There's always a croud there that know the art is horrible, but they ignore it for the free wine and cheese. Criticism of a work of art shouldn't be determined by your desire to socialize. Ski movies don't necessarily have to be lame in your words. There's an opportunity for good documentary material. Warren Miller doesn't explore that area at all. He tries to awe his viewers or amuse them in a rather silly way. Looking forward to his newest movie seems rather stupid as they are all the same.
Hey, not everything has to be art. It's a good time. In fact, if he starts to keep film critics happy, I am pretty sure the films will REALLY be lame. So many shows I have been to lately that were loved by critics I hated. If you don't like him you don't have to go to the shows. I go for the total experience.
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sibhusky, why do you reference 'he' and 'him' in reference to warren miller films? WM narrates only now, that's it. he sold the company a few years back and a time warner subsidiary owns it now. WME produces the movies, it has nothing to do with warren himself who only narrates. might be nit picking of me to pipe in here with that, but a lot of people think that warren miller actually does much for his old company any more, the last half dozen or so movies weren't "his" in that sense.
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