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cheap twintips

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Anyone have any twintips for sale for cheap. Just checkin but with this weather dont know if Ill need the.
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You should try ebay, they always have cheap stuff on there but you have to be patient and wait for the right deal to come along, and judging by our weather here youve got lots of time to sit and watch ebay! I may know of someone that would be interested in selling a pair of 170cm 720's but i do not know for sure, and they would not be available until we start racing in January. Your best bet though is ebay, my dad just picked up a pair of fischer rc4 sc's for $200!!!

Dont you just love buffalo weather?? I'm a freshman at UB right now and this really sucks, when i came here people told me that it snowed a lot, and i have yet to see a drop of it!! Might see you on the slopes if it ever snows, that is if you ever make it to KB?
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