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Originally Posted by skierzzzzzz

Whoever said they pay $40,000 for a car is nuts, go to the auction and get one a year old for $15,000.
I was simply making a point regarding the capital equipment - things that you buy and use for a number of seasons.

BTW, I did pay $40k for my car (first new car I ever owned) but that's in Australian dollars and I got 15k on my trade-in and was a splurge when I took a redundancy from my old work (therefore, total outlay was $25k).

My ski clothing are still one piece suits ATM, one (SOS) I bought in Val D"Isere in 1985 for $130 Australian after my ski pants were shrunk by a stupid drycleaner, another (Quicksilver) I bought in 1987 for $550. I'm heading over to Canada 27th December and taking the Quicksilver suit which is getting a bit threadbare and stained : as it doesn't take up too much room in the backpack. If it's not sufficient, I'll replace it with a good jacket & pants taking advantage of recouping the GST being a non-resident but I'll look for the best buy at the same. Costs has been low enough when you take into account that suit has lasted me 18 years. In addition, I just replace my thermals 3 weeks ago (at a sale 40% off) after the old ones gave up after 22 years! The elastic finally decomposed and I was getting sick of the crutch of my suit being the only thing that was holding 'em up.
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Originally Posted by skierzzzzzz
Retail Prices:
Skis = $1300
Boots 800
Poles 120
Pants 175
Jacket 250
T Neck 55
Underwear 75
Goggles 100
Deoderant 3.50
Lunch 25
Gas 100
Lodging 150
Pass 75


Skis- 300-500, But off demo every 1-2 seasons.
Boots- 250 @ Backcountry Outlet
Poles- 40
Pants- 180, But my Grandparenst paid for those (they still get me stuff b/c Im 15)

Jacket- 275, Again the Grandparents
Tneck- 20
Goggles- 50, My friend gave me some Oakley Wisdoms, Never used b/c they didnt fit him.

Deodorant- ???? I hope you dont use this ONLY for skiing.
Gas- Im not old enough to drive, So…

Lodging- Free (my grandparents have a house in STOWE) Under 200 A night when I travel west.

Food- 8, I just eat 2 slices of pizza, a Root beer (or red bull) and a Toblerone)

Pass- 339

Man I have one word for you: Yuppy,
Total cost on average for my Food, Lodging and gear Less than your skis and boots- 1462-1862. :
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what skis did you purchase for 1,300?
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Answer is to work at a mountain in the right job that gives you deals on gear and a free pass. Hookups are out there, if you know where to look...
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yay, Ron White, some body mentions the grand poobah of pricey recreational sports, equestrian sports. i think your horse price is a bit low though depending on what level you are competing at(i think you mean 3-day event right?)
what i find amusing is a very close relative of mine is on the Canadian 3-day event team, has been to the pan-am games, qualified for the olympics 2x (didn't go, injured horse 2x), holds the highest level coaching certification, the kids he trains/coaches for Young Riders competition consistently are the best in North America, and yet in all the time he has been riding he has never been given a free saddle/bridle/tack/horse/whatever yet it seems that every "skier" that straps on boards feels they immediately have some inalienable right to cheap gear or sponsorship....whats up with that?
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You are so right. The horse was a bargan at $10,000. My 2 daughtors are in Pony Club, so I know about the expenses x 2, the cost of having 6 horses, their training, let alone the cost of eventing for myself (combined training). I think that many pros in skiing are connected to a ski area and try to hook-up with the shop for free equipment. If they traveled from area to area and competed (like in combined training), would shops be as likley to give them any freebees?

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Where there's a will - There's a WAY!

Originally Posted by TomB
HeluvaSkier: I am curious though, how many of you actually purchase a new coat, new pants, new goggles, new poles, new skis, new boots, and other new clothing for every season...

Not me! Ski equipment and ski clothes last a few years (especially if they get used only 40-50 days per season). I do have lots of ski specific base layers and fleece layers however. As for skis, I only replace them every 3-4 years. There is no need to be on the latest equipment all the time.

Having said that, I do spend a lot on gas, accomodations and lift tickets (or season pass at local hill).
If you really like to ski, you'll find a way to do it. My Dad was a real ski nut and I can remember when the first release bindings came out (Ouch - I'm dating myself!) my Dad was a Tool and Die maker and he MADE our first release bindings! My sister and I had brushed metal (I don't know what kind of metal) release bindings that worked just like the store-bought kind! Our skis came from the "Sportsman's Exchange" in Milwaukee. My Mom liked to sew and she made some of our ski clothes. We may not have had the latest fashions, but we had lots of fun and it instilled in us a LOVE for skiing. My Mom used to put hot dogs in boiling hot water in a thermos jug so we could eat hot dogs for lunch at the ski hill. (Of course most places won't let you do that now unless you eat out in the parking lot.)

If you go out and demo some skis and find out what you like, E-Bay has some really good deals. Lots of the skis are shrink-wrapped and brand new. That's how I got my X-Screams. In fact, mine came from Pennsylvania somewhere and my Honey's came from Canada. We probably paid HALF of what they would have cost in the store. We've had them for about four years now and I have no desire to buy anything else - well... maybe some powder skis!!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Buy one set of everything.
Next year, buy one roll of duct tape.

Good one Bonni. Your on cycle 1 this year. I will supply Duct Tape next year.
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