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Return of the Volkl Explosive

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In surfing a lot of ski news sites and new gear information forums, I see where Volkl is bring back the Explosive Powder ski after a number of years absence. I use to see a lot of the older Explosive Powder skis around a few years ago and would be interested in any thoughts on them or if anyone has skied the new Explosive at any demo's last spring. The new Explosive is on Volkl's german web site but that's about all that I have found about it.


Jim from Idaho
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Just out of curiosity, what were ski profile measurements for the Explosives? I would have thought the G4 would have been plenty fat for a powder ski.
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Do you have the link to the German site?
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Just go to Volkl.com and select German site. If you select USA site, it will just go to last year's skis.
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Go to www.voelkl.com/english/ski.htm <FONT size="1">

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the new Explosiv has a 95 waist, I think, while the G4 is 84
see peterkeelty.com
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I still ski the old Explosiv and like it very much, but I would hope they would make the newer one a bit more firm so it would handle the groomers (heading back to the lifts) better, ie, without the "floating" feeling on hardpack (sort of like you are skiing on a pair of air hockey pucks). Anybody know what changes have been made?

Tom / PM
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I went to PeterKeelty.com but did not see the Explosive there. Has anyone seen any more specs on the ski. Sure would like to find out exact dimensions. XX/95?/XX.

Anyone else have any info about the new Explosive ??

Jim from Idaho
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This was at Voelkl.com:
Sidecut: 120-95-112
Lengths: 170, 180, 190
Radius for the respective lengths: 26.4, 32.0, and 36.0m's

Uses a Power Frame, and Sensor Wood Core.

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"virtually unchanged from early iterations"
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Thanks for the web address. I was looking for this info on the skimag site, but never could get the the right place.

poor surfer I guess.

Jim from Idaho
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