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Which Zipfits hold up the best ( leather or cloth ) ???
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155lb expert in Lange's

Get the leather! They rock. I'm on my 2nd pair. The leather of the first was still in great shape. They had just packed out a bit too much. This was after about 180-200 days though. The leather is great at gripping the foot! Love them. Will never go back to "normal" liners

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How do they performe compared to Strolz and other foam liners?
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What exactly do Zipfits do for you?
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I'll share my experience.... I've put maybe 70 days on my cloth one's so far. They haven't begun to break down, and are oh so comfortable. As to what they do for me... they are a custom liner that greatly enhances both fit, and function of almost any ski boot. They are more supportive, and don't break down as quickly as most stock liners. It's the only custom liner I've skied so I can't compare them with others. The nice thing is they can be refit to a new shell if you want, and spotfit by adding material to the liner as opposed to using external shims.
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