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Length recommendation for Rossi Bandit XX

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i could likely get a very good deal an a brand new bandit xx (old but never used), with some fritschi diamir AT binders mounted, which supposedly can be used with alpine boots too.

this link shows the exact model.

the point of concern: the ski is 191cms long. is that length too much for me? i would describe myself as a good skier, say 95% confident on groomers except huge bumbs, advancing off piste, but not actually an expert off piste yet. so maybe my technique, or the lack thereof, is holding me back more than the equipment. my current ski, an axis x, feels very good and easy to maneuver in a 174 length. skis short i'd say.

i weigh 160lbs w/o clothes and equipment, 6'3 tall.

i would think of the XX as a second ski for offpiste, powder and occasional AT. (which i usually still do w/ snowshoes and snowboard)

is that a bad idea given the length? would it actually float THAT much better than my k2? i have not used the axis x in more than boot deep yet, so i wonder. we hardly ever see more fresh than knee deep in the alps.

thanks for your input.
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I own the 184's and I am a 8 or 9 skier that weighs 175 and is 5'9". I would say that for what you might do on those skis they might be ok. I took my skis all over but they were a bear in 184's. I could go mach 4 and they would not chatter a bit. After a while it became quite clear to me that they were negatively affecting my performance in tight trees. If I bought them again for what I do I would go one length shorter. If I was buying them for more big mountain out west skiiing I would stick with the 184's. I would say those skis are probably too long for you but some people might disagree. For me getting on a pair of shorter ski's cleared everything up. I think to make the jump you are talking about would be a mistake. If you want a cheap off piste ski I would say buy some of those Volant Machete's....
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i am mainly curious whether it would be an actual advantage for me, or in other words: my suspicion is that this huge ski could slow down my lerning curve in ungroomed terrain, which then would outweigh the technical adavtages such as better float and stability.

..and make my riding in ungroomed terrain WORSE.

up to which amount of fresh would you consider my 174 axis X to be sensefully skiable, given my weight of 160lbs?
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I've skied the Bandit XXs in a 191 for the last 3 seasons, and have loved them. I'm 6'2", and 170lbs. I like them everywhere on the mountain, except really deep snow. I've done some light touring on them as well, and they're perfect for it.

What length is right for you? Hmm, like me, you're somewhere in between the 184 and 191. I could have easliy goine with the 184 and been as happy, but then I'd have a little less float. The 191s are rock solid at speed but they do require more effort than the 184 would...

Hope this helps.
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