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free-ride tele skis

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Hi all - first post.

I'm looking for a twin tipped ski to learn telemarking on.

I have been boarding for 10 years, and just got a set of 176 06' Head Mad Trix Mojo's, which i have about 12-14 days on. I've picked it up really well and have loved the Mojo's. Been riding plenty of Pow at Kirkwood CA, and will be going to whistler for 05/06.

I like big mountain stuff, and will only ride park if everything else is average, but i like doing spins and riding switch. I consider myself to be quite aggressive - 10-15ft cliffs so far, and trying to go bigger all the time

I only have about 3 days on tele's though, riding the Rossi T3 and T4.

I have looked at the K2 hippi stinx and Rossi Sick Bird. Is there much else out there? regular alpine skis? I'll still keep my Mojo's, but i want something to ski some pow, back country, and not too terrible on groomers, but they are the lowest priority

I am 5"9 and 145lb, and looking for a ski in the 169-184 mark, i'm undecided yet on length

Thanks to anyone that can help!
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Alpine skis are fine to tele on. Tele-specific skis are usually softer and sometimes have a slightly different flex pattern, but personally I don't like them.
If you've only had three days on teles I don't think you need to worry that much about landing switch...
But most skis still have at least a little twin-tip.
If you like the Mojo, have you considered the iM 88? I haven't tried them, but I've only heard good things about them.

I'd look for a ski around 180 and a 80-90mm waist

Check out the older threads in this section... I'm sure you'll find more useful info!
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Twins for tele


Congrats on going tele.

First advise: Leave the alpine stuff home and commit to tele for any given day. Most alpiners that I have tried to turn on to tele have been ontheir alpine gear before the end of the day. With that said, on to the skis.

You stated a need for twin tips so here I am limiting the list to those. As with Tele-Swede, I prefer alpine boards for tele. Check out the following.

1) Salomon Pocket Rockets - these mount up nicely and are quick turning because of thier light wieght foam core.

2) Fischer Big Stix 8.0 - a strong wood ski that will ski long at your reported 145 weight, so- ski it short. Plate binding only!

3) Volkl Karma - Plate binding and T1 boots suggested!

4) Head Mojo - This is the best ski by far - sweet flex! Lots of guys mount this tele.

All the above skis, ski well tele but, I say mount those Mojo's tele!

Also - get yourself a pair of Linken or Bishop Bomber binding.
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thanks for the advice guys. i'd never really seriously considered mounting up alpine skis to tele bindings. now i'm in a dilema! i don't think i could mount tele bindings to my current mojo's as i'd still love to do some alpine skiing, but then again owning two pairs of Mojo's would be a bit stupid!

Will do some further reading
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