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Opinion on soft Atomic SG

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Hello. I've been reading this forum for a little while and finally decided to join. I picked up a pair of Atomic 201 SG's (03-04 model) this past summer and had a question about them. They have an unusual flex compared to most racestocks, the sticker said 40/60 as far as I could tell. They are certainly relatively very soft in the tail. They are still reasonably soft in the tip as well, even though most Atomics average around a 48 or so tip flex and these are 40. They are still hella-stiff in the midsection.

I was wondering how this flex will affect performance, and if perhaps the number is wrong. Just for background, I've been riding race and carving snowboards for the past 5 years, and have done some skiing here and there on the wide-tail Salomon 2v's in 188cm. They were a fun ride in the right conditions, but lacked the edge grip and stability that I expected from a ski in that length and "type". I weigh in at about 140 lbs., plus another 25 or so in the next few months since I quit smoking and started lifting weights again. Anyway, the soft tail makes me a bit leary of these Atomics, I am mainly wondering what kind of power they will have, and how they should be ridden to get the most out of the stiffer midsection. I know that a softer tail can be good for icy conditions, depending on your style I suppose, however I do live in Colorado. I also don't want to worry about folding the tails (better than folding the nose I guess) or bending them. I don't plan on racing quite yet, however if the opportunity presents itself...

BTW, I will sell the Salomons for a decent offer, they have about 20 days on them. I am quitting snowboarding for now because of alignment problems, chiefly my legs are pretty twisted as well as my torso from the assymetry of riding 60 degree angles on a stiff, skinny snowboard. It also turns out I really should have been riding regular-footed (left foot forward) all this time instead of goofy-footed. I have some 173cm P40 Platinums that I will use for weekends and take-it-easy days (these were only $99 brand new - I haven't ridding the newer Volkl's but they can't be much different... plus these have some sidewall). I picked up some racetech boots, not sure about trim, which fit extraordinarily well in a 25, whereas my old Lange L8's were 27 and are kinda' loose, and my hard-shell sb boots are 26.5 with a thermoflex liner. Hope they won't be too cold...
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I wonder whether you might be reading that wrong.

So far as I can tell, your observation about the typical tip flex is pretty close: actually, I think 48 might be a little on the stiff side for a SG ski, but it's close, anyway. Which would make 40 very, very stiff.

And I think it would be strange (at least) for the tail to be softer than tip ... much less that much softer.

Is it possible that the numbers are reversed, and maybe the "6" is really a "5"? From what little I know, 50 / 40 would be in the ballpark.
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After a bit of flexing, I think you may be right. The tip is definitely softer than the tail. I have read here that the more recent Atomics are pretty soft in the extremities, and this probably applies especially to SG and DH. I remember having trouble telling whether it was a 60 or a 50, and even though I was pretty sure it was a 60, nevertheless I'll bet it's really a 50/40. It would certainly match the perceived flex. Haha. To get a number wrong AND reverse them, that is pretty funny, but I can't think of anything else. It just wouldn't make sense. Anyway I'll just have to see how they ski, and will be certain to post a freeskiing review.

I also just realized that flexing a ski with the tail on the ground, the tail will always bend a little more than the rest of the ski because of the stacked weight.
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I have a pair of the 03/04 201 SG's with flex numbers 52/42 and was told by the Atomic race rep that they were pretty soft, so I'm inclined to agree with sjjohnston that they're probably 50/40 and will be a soft to medium flex.
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Any opinions on the ride?

I am pretty certain at this point that they are 50/40.
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I have a pair marked 24/25...any thoughts they seam to flex like a beast
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Those numbers are hand written. Those euros' written numbers are slightly different than ours. I'm inclined to guess at 50/40 too.
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