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How much should I ask?

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I never sold used skis before and dont know what to ask. I picked up Rossignol Bandit B1 last year brand new at the end of the season for $360 with binding. They are 182 length and with the marker bindings. I am selling them at a ski swap and am going to demo K2 or Head models this year looking for something as an all around ski for hardpack. I skied on them 2 times last spring and just didn't care for them. I learned my lesson about demo before buying. Not a scratch on the surfaces or any other part of the ski. I just don't know what a good asking price is.
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$0, PM me and I'll give you the shipping address... they are completely worthless.
(j/k) - the offer stands though

I would say that you should be able to get close to your purchase price for those if they are in as good of shape as you say they are in. Find some unsuspecting person at a ski swap. On ebay you would probably get <$300 though...


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