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Lange boot advice/help

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I'm going to buy one of two Lange Comp 120 boots. Size 29.0 or 29.5. Shells are the same size when measured from toe to heal (334mm) so I think that means the shells are the same size and the only difference is the liner. The smaller size must have a little more padding in the liner. Boots are sized as 11 and 11.5 US shoe size. I have a 11.5 "B" street shoe foot but there is never any mention about width in boot sizing. Both boots feel OK. Both are snug. Naturally the 29 is slightly tighter. No way to really know if they fit until they're skied few days. If the 29 proved a little uncomfortable in the toe, couldn't I make some room in the liner without punching out the shell? Any thoughts from Comp 120 owners or gear heads on which one would be the best bet or most easily modifiable? Thanks in advance for your help.
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the difference in size should be the thickness of the stock footbed(for lack of a better term).
for the toe box you should be able to work the liner to fit better in the shells toe box (heat/stretching the liner to make it fit, or ski it til it does) there still seems to be some "shrinkage" in the lange liners from storage/shipping so a little liner work will make the liner fit the shell better and let you avoid shell work unless you need it....
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You can very much make some room in the lange liner without punching the shell. They have notoriously tight toe boxes in their liners. Did you shell size? Generally one size down from your street shoe size is going to be the fit. They do not size in mondo point by the way so you are probably looking at a 11 shell. The 120 comes in both low volume and med volume which is basically the width you are asking about. Which have you got?
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Yes the shell is the right length. My only concern is the volume. It's the MF - no deals on LF that I can find. I'll be using my custom footbeds so I guess it doesn't matter much either way if the shell, liner and footboard are the same in both boots.
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In my Lange 120 Comp MF, I'm a full size down from my street shoe and expect that the LF would have been excrutiating. In my street shoe size, the LF fits - but going down a size has worked wonders, along with some toe box grinding.
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