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Fischer 04-Pictures

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It took me awhile to get these posted. These are scanned from next years catalog.The sizes shown for the race line are for the retail skis. Race stock sizes vary slightly usually in 3cm increments from retail ie 168, 188 etc. I posted on this site, hopefully it will come up for those interested in seeing next years skis. Keep in mind this is for Canada, apparently the U.S. gets a different version.
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Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post Canada's Fischer 03-04 selection.
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Those skis appear to be a mix of what is being sent to Japan and what is European. It was hard to tell from the picture, however, the RX8 has euro graphics and are a different color. In the US the ski will be black,red and white. In Europe and Canada it is black and orange.

As stated, no Sceneos are in the US catalog. In Japan there is a Sceneo 600. In addition, the WC Race is coming to the US in big numbers and it isn't even in the catalog.

The boot shown with the RX8 is the SomaF8000 in the USA

It is strange that the US, Canada, and Japan all get slightly different stuff.
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Those look great.. I'd really like to get a closer look at those skis, unfortunately it's pretty hard to find any Fischer gear in my area!

I'm especially interested in the boots.. I talked to a good friend / great coach who said the boots instantly changed the way they skied for the better!
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Regarding the Fischer Soma F8000 Boots you may find this article interesting:

Rusty Guy mentioned in another thread in the Epic Gear Forum that he has skied in the new Fischer boots.

EDIT: It should be "Gear Review" forum under Sceneo 500.

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Powderhoundin, thats great to hear. I am absolutley enamored with the new Fischer boot, and it is nice to hear unbiased accounts of its wonderfulness. Not too many people have been able to ski it so far, but my hope is that positive word of mouth and some lesser known WC athletes making a splash next year with the boot will give it some momentum.

One of my friends on the austrian team who skis for fischer likes the boot, but thought it was *too powerful for icy conditions*. He liked it in softer (ie all US except boilerplate east coast) snow. That doesn't make the boot scary for the consumer, but rather makes it more efficient- better power transfer (either through construction or realigned body position or something else, I'm not sure yet), which means easier skiing.

The boot must be skied to be believed.
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I should do a formal boot review but don't have the time this morning. The boot I used was a test model and will be modified. It fit great with a stock liner and had a seemimgly infinite adjustments available.

Did I honestly notice a profound difference in the way I skied due to the five degree abduction of the foot? Honestly I did not. I only skied the boot two days however. Don't get me wrong. It did fine. It was just odd to be in a different boot.

I plan to use the boot next season as opposed to the Atomic boot I have been in for the last three seasons. I really like Fischer skis and the company has been very good to me in terms of providing equipment and customer service for the pros that I sell product to.
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What binding are they using on the Fisher. The pics were too small to see them clearly. I totally prefer a Marker, but on my SL, they say the plate is set up for Salomon. Any ideas?

And the boot, narrow or wide foot?
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For next year, the binding on Fischer skis is going to be the tyrolia. As for the boot, I don't know as I was in a size too large (relatively). It seems like it is an average width though. A friend of mine, of whom I know what exactly what boots he fits into and those that he doesn't, seems to fit into the fischer with no pain, so I would say average to average+. But, don't take my word for it. I ski in stock langes, so I don't really know what "average" is.
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Others more knowlegable may elaborate, however I don't believe any of the Fischer race plates are pre-drilled. Sanchez is right, next year Fischer will offer Tyrolia bindings sporting the Fischer logo. This past season they had a relationship with Salomon bindings which they did not continue.

I think Rusty Guy said that he will try and post a review on the new Fischer Soma-tec boots when he has the chance.
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The plates are not pre drilled and yes Tyrolia is the oem for the railflex binding.

I spent two days in the boot and liked it. I have a fairly wide foot. I was amazed by the seemingly endless adjustments that could be made to the boot.

I have been in an Atomic boot for a while so it's going to take a little getting used to. As for the five degree "toe out" I honestly didn't feel a whole lot of difference in my skiing so far. I do plan to ski the boot next year.

I am not at all picky about boots. It either fits or it doesn't. I do a great deal of canting under my bindings so that is where I'm a little finicky.

The boot matches the slalom ski in terms of graphics and has Fischer in big bold letters on the side. It is good looking! At least it isn't screaming orange or puke green.

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Rusty Guy,

I met Ron Havens at the Fisher Race Demo Center at Gov't. Camp, at the base of Mt. Hood this past Sunday. He mentioned that he knows you when I told him that I read your posts on Epic Ski. He showed me the Soma-Tec boot that he is skiing in.

His view was that they are a very precise and powerful boot. He also thought that they were about medium in width with a roomy toe box(he said that he has fairly wide feet). I didn't think to ask whether his boots were a prototype or the final product. I was too busy oogling the the Fisher Race skis for next season. The graphics look pretty : and the skis are supposed to be very hot.

EDIT: To corect some typos.

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I wear a 10D street shoe. I had a little toe problem last winter for the first time in the Atomic shell. It had to be "blown out" to comfortably accomodate my foot.

The Fischer shell did just fine with no work. I don't know if my foot is considered wide.

I'm glad you said it because I too think the graphics on the skis and boot are striking. As I have said in the past my ski of choice is the WC SC and it did not change in terms of the construction. It is by far the best ski that I've used. It is remarkably versatile.

Ron is a nice guy. He has spent a good deal of time in those boots and really likes them. I have never seen the guy ski. My boss "TJ" is a very good skier and ex racer. I don't see or deal with him much. I typically talk to "TJ". They are two very nice people to work for as opposed to some of the sales folks that I have dealt with in the ski industry.

The last I saw either of them I got the impression the boots were still being tweaked and would not be finalized till summer. I think they ship stuff in July. The only complaint I heard about in the early boots was that they were difficult to get on and off. Some change was planned to address that issue. I had no problems.

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The new Fischer site is up. There is a new ski included that I have not heard of or seen and that is the RX10. In addition, it appears the RX8 is shown on the site with euro graphics (orange and black) as opposed to the graphics that are on the ski I was sent last spring (black,red, and white).

Also, as booch said much earlier from the Canadian site, it appears the Sceneo 500 and 400 will again exist in the USA. I had been told is was no more. In my defense I know there have been some major changes of personnel at Fischer USA!

I'll try to find out about the new ski from T J Larson and let folks know what he says.


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Rusty Guy, thanks for posting the Fischer link.
It is the best website Fischer has put up in quite a while. :
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The site is getting better. I'm a little confused at this point and hope to talk to my contact in the morning. The Sceneo's are very good skis. The 400 is one of the most under-rated pair of skis that I have ever used. It is a great bump ski and very good elsewhere. I actually liked it more than the 500. The RX series was "supposed" to take the place of the Sceneos. I got a pair of RX8's late last year and liked those as well. I have no idea what the RX10 is designed to do.

It almost seems the companies are getting too many skis. Fischer is starting to remind me a little of Atomic and Volkl in terms of having a bewildering array of products.

I think the boot line is going to do really well. I liked the boot I tried a great deal.
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Rusty Guy,

I'll be interested to hear what you learn.

Fischer seems to have survived for a long time on "word of mouth" rather than anything they did to affirmatively market their skis in the USA. This may not have been a bad strategy if Fischer was simply content to defend a small US market share.

With so much competition in the US market today ,"word of mouth" will probably no longer be enough to survive. Fischer USA seems to have realized this in recent seasons as their US efforts have improved (joining US ski team equipment pool, developing and advertising the "Big Stix" line and so forth).

It seems that Fischer, like other ski manufacturers, is tweaking their line and marketing efforts for the different domestic markets they serve rather than to globalize their product (like Coca Cola does with its red and white striped can and "still the one" slogan)in all markets. In the age of the Internet the first approach does create a certain amount of confusion.

Just judging from the sidecut, 20-meter turn radius at 185cm and construction, the RX 10 looks like a WC race "type" ski. A Sceneo 600 is marketed in Japan but not in the USA or shown on the new international website. It has the same dimensions and materials as the WC SC sold in the US.

At first glance, other Fischer RX's seem very similar to the Sceneo line in sidecut and construction but with a more traditional shape and different graphics. I don't know anything about any flex differences.

I'm glad Fischer put their touring, park, ski blades and mogul skis on their international site. In the past, I don't recall seeing them shown although those various models have been around for quite a while.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any light you can shed on the subject.

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I skied on the RX 10 last year, and it is very much like a GS race ski. It is unforgiving and stiff. You need to be going quite fast to get it too work. Skiers better than me may like it but I prefer the RX 8.
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I found the RX8 to be like the Sceneo 500 with a slightly tighter turning radius.

I have spoken to several people at Fischer who are concerned about the # of skis marketed. It's as bad as Volkl.

The RX10 is slated to come to the US in 04/05 with a different name.

I guess from my standpoint the WC SC and RX8 are a great two ski quiver so that works for me.

P.S. I have access to a few more of last years skis at VERY low prices. P.M. if interested. The WC SC has not changed except for the graphics.

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