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St. Anton, Austria

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Epic Skiers -

A group of us are headed to St. Anton, Austria on Feb 3-11, 2006. We still have some open spaces if you're interested.

If you have any questions or want more info, send me a PM or check here,

Have a great winter!
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Well done info page. I live about a mile from the POC.
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Jamesj - have you ever skied in Europe?
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Yes. Skiing the Alps is fantastic. The experience will broaden anyone's horizons. Skied in Austria, but not at St. Anton. It's certainly renowned as one of the best places to visit for a first-timer or veteran ski tripper to the Continent.

You might post your trip announcement in the msg board at if you want to target mid-Atlantic snowriders. Check out the following for links to several enjoyable trip reports on St. Anton or nearby resorts (and many reports on US ski areas):
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You are going to have a great time. This place is top two or three in the world, just behind LCC for skiing.
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Originally Posted by Canyons
just behind LCC for skiing.
You forgot the "just joking" emoticon.
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