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I love to ski AND...

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poll rejected. Disregard

(quielty backing out the door, head hung low in shame)
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I love to ski AND...

I have in the past hiked the Comando run with friends from the top of Vail Pass to Vail's Mushroom Bowl.

It's a long hike. It's a hike for the sake of the hike and not for the sake of gaining access to Vail's terrain. It takes upwards of 4 hours to get to Mushroom Bowl.

Confession time

Once in Mushroom Bowl we naturally ski a few runs in Vail's back bowls as we navigate westward to the Minturn Mile access gate. We do this without lift access passes. We ski the Minturn Mile and have the rutual pitchers of beer of nachos at the Minturn Saloon.

It's an annual event. It will be repeated in the future. Forgive me?
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I guess I confessed for nothing. I hate it when that happens.
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I don't think that is a problem in NF land actually. People do it all the time at the Canyons, and that is private land. It is only a problem if you use it as a way to access lifts that don't have ticket checkers, IMO. But then most people hike so they can ski *out* of bounds..
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I know what you're saying, Lodro. I posted with my toungue firmly planted in cheek.
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