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20% off at Cupolo's

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A couple weeks ago they had an email special w/10% off skis, etc. Today's email: 20% off through Friday:
Originally Posted by n/a
In anticipation of the upcoming ski season, www.CupoloSports.com is having a huge clearance sale. All ski and snowboard equipment is up to 70% off regular retail prices. In addition to our already low prices, you can save an additional 20% by entering " cupolo20off " in the coupon code field when you place your order. This offer is valid through Friday Oct 7th. SOME QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED!! ORDER TODAY !! DONT BE DISAPPOINTED....
Again not meaning to dredge up the pro / con Cupolo’s thread, just want to get word out on some deals.
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Wow. That makes for some sick deals. Omecarve 9's with P10's for about $208, for example.
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Thanks ts01, just ordered Elan Fusion S12's for $335.99. I was just about to place my order w/them for their already great price of $419.99 when I saw your post about the 20% off deal. This will be my third pair of skis that I have purchased from Cupolos-all incredible deals. By the way, I have never received better customer service from a ski shop. Jay Cupolo has bent over backwards to take care of me. THANKS AGAIN!
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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a Cupolo's thread! Now I know the season is getting ready to start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've bought boots and skis from Cupolo too. Never a problem. Nice folks - good advice - good service - good prices.
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GS:11's for $130 in 186 or 191.

If people don't start buying these soon, I might have to sell mine and buy them again. A USED pair with bindings sold for $380 on ebay a few days ago!

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Glad to see some have gotten in on this. I can't justify (to spouse OR myself ...) another purchase but damn, there are some killer deals here.

But if they get to 30%, f*ck it, I'm getting the Omecarves!
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I think they finally sold all the GS:11's. They have been selling those rediculously cheap for over a year.

Damn, should have got them while they were hot.
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Wow, Volkl P50 F! GS racing skis in a 188 length $99. http://www.cupolosports.com/vop50f1gsran.html
Anyone want to get to the bottom fast?
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