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Red Mountain, The Best Of

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I'm off to Red in January 06 for my first taste of a Northern Hemisphere winter and I can't wait. I'll be there for the best part of 6 weeks, so i'm hungry for some info about the place. Specifically:

A good boot fitter!/Good local ski shop

Best place for a few (or 50) beers at the end of the day

Any other activities to do on the one or two days I can drag myself away from the slopes.

P.S If anyone is feeling extremely generous then maybe a hint on the best pow stashes .

Cheers Chris.
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Friends have been and love the mountain. It a difficult ski area and I would choose it over Whistler. Last year there was a snow deficiency. Maybe this year will be better.

There is not much to do there from what I understand, but they do serve beer in the bars. Red is going to kick your @$$ anyway so go to bed early!
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Take the time to visit the Whitewater ski area in Nelson. You won't regret the trip.
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Doesn't matter where you go drinking, the place is going to be full of Aussies.
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I'll be in Fernie Dec 27th for a week then Blackcomb/Whistler for another 4th Jan... seems like the Aussies flock to Canada from what I've read over the past few weeks. After such an abysmal season in Australia this year, I can't wait to get my boards turning on some good snow (hopefully Griz is in a good mood).
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Originally Posted by Colossus178
Take the time to visit the Whitewater ski area in Nelson. You won't regret the trip.
That place looked like heaven in "sinners".
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Yeah I've seen some pics of the back of granite, looks mad.
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hmmm, anybody got anything else to add
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Originally Posted by Purple Monkey Dishwasher
hmmm, anybody got anything else to add
You might have seen this before, but just in case, I've got lots of photos HERE.

If you want to find some powder stashes, I'd highly recommend staying at Greene's Guest House and hooking up with your landlord Rick Greene who grew up at Red and is a Mountain Host there (usually on weekends).

He's a great guy and if you stay at his place he "might" be willing to divulge a few secret stashes and take you out for a few runs (if you can keep up). The Guest House is a great place to stay if you don't need something too big.

Very little night life in Rossland, but there are a few decent places to have
some food and a few Kootenay Ales.
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One fun thing to do at Red Mountain is to go ski the downhill course early in the morning after its been groomed. The course starts on Buffalo Ridge. This part is fairly easy but a bit nerve-wracking because its not very wide and both sides are cliffs. Next, you turn right onto Main Run which starts with an long steep section followed by a hard left combined with some interesting rolls. After a traverse to the left you have another hard right with a good roll onto Tom's Run.
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Other Activities

Once you tear yourself away from the slopes (and by all means do at least one day at Whitewater--some folks like it better than Red), you probably will want to take a road trip up to Nelson, counter-culture capital of Canada. There are lots of galleries and shops, a fairly laid-back lifestyle, and enough bars to keep you busy. If you like hot springs make sure you head up Ainsworth (not quite as good water as the ones at Halcyon and Nakusp, but those are probably out of your driving range on the way up to Revelstoke) and go for a soak in the pool and the cave complex.

If Whistler is one end of the spectrum for night-life at Canadian ski-hills, Red Mtn. and Whitewater are pretty darn close to the opposite end. There is a strong community base for these hills, so you're more likely to find yourself sitting beside a logger, miner, or old hippy on the lift than a corporate suit.
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Cheers guys, thanks for the info.
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