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Questions about tuning Atomics (Beta Racer)...

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I've got a pair of 3 year old 10.20s. There are two things I'd like to address:

The first is the cracked edge below my instep. How is this fixed? It is all the way through as far as I can tell, but can't be felt by running a finger over it...yet. No apparent sidewall damage. I've had this happen in the past on another ski, and by failing to do something about it, it proceeded to blow out, damaging the edge, base, and sidewall. Is liquid metal an option? Does that section of edge need to be replaced?

The second thing I want to touch upon is Atomic's factory edge bevel angles and how they relate to tuning the skis. I haven't had a stone grind since I got the skis, and after a few encounters with rocks and many days on the hill it is time. I can only do so much with P-tex and daily care. I seem to recall that for the 10.20, Atomic beveled the edges at the factory; 1* on the base, and 3* on the sides. Is this correct? Which leads into whether a shop can replicate this edge bevel, as I have probably messed it up with constant sharpening over the last few years (been using a diamond stone, gummy, and when needed a file in a guide with angle adjustment). I'm in Boston and don't trust any of the shops around here, so the next time I'm up at Stratton in September, I was thinking on taking them into the Starting Gate for a tune (the local Atomic retailer with a very good reputation). They returned a pair of defective bindings last year for me, and I was very impressed with their service and knowledge. Is there a certain kind of machine that needs to be used at the shop? Any recommendations in southern VT or even Mass to take my skis?

I'm thinking on getting some of last year's R11.20s to replace these sticks, but can't justify the cost yet until I'm sure my beloved 10.20s are toast.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Ken Jones has 03 11.20's at 1/2 off if you are looking for a good deal.
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There is not much you can do to repair the cracked edge. You can try to get the ski shop to send the skis back and hopefully warranty them, or at least get a single. If the skis are in relatively good condition, with no rock damage near the crack, you MIGHT be in luck. There are a few ways the edge could crack, but most involve rocks. Without seeing the ski, there is no way I can determine what happened. The "I was just skiing along when ..." scenario does not happen without a previous incident. You can keep the cracked edge to the outside to reduce stress to it, and it could last a while still.

The factory tuning is 1base/3side. A competent technician can replicate the tune with files and diamond stones. Depending on where you ski, you might want to go to a 2side for softer conditions, or stay with stock if you mostly ski on firm snow. My territory is not USA, so I have no idea who can do the work near you. When I have machine work done, I know a few good shops with high quality equipment and technicians to perform the work to my standards. I can specify grind structure and pattern and edge angle and polish. You might get some info of where to have your skis serviced by asking in a new post on this site.
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I've had a crackd edge (with no other base damage near by, just a cracked metal edge near the boot center of the ski) last for 2 high-use seasons on my Atomics. I'll be going for 3 this year!
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