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Advice/Info on new boots??

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I am looking at getting some new boots this year. I have read the boot fitting guide on the website as well as the master boot fitter topic. It seems pretty obvious to me that I should look into finding a good boot fitter for the best results.

What I would like to know is how much will I have to pay for a good pair of boots professionally fitted? I am an average to advanced skier and like skiing all kinds of terrain.

Also, I live in ND. Not too many boot fitters to be found out here on the plains. I will only get to ski 5-7 days this year. Am I going to have to spend a day getting boots fitted when I get to the resort while all my friends are out skiing, or do I have any other options?

Thanks to all.
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This is a good time of year to find the best of last year at half price. For me, the hardest part of finding the 'right' boot is finding one that is tight enough around my foot right out of the box. The liner of boots will pack out, so beware. I ski in Rossignols which fit my skinny feet and ankles perfectly. I also ski a boot 2 sizes down from my regular shoe size. A truly good boot fitter will get you into the right size boot, get you a foot bed, make adjustments to the liner (if needed - often not known till after skiing a few days), adjust canting and put lifts under the heel if needed. All this is well worth the investment of time and money - I'd bet you'll enjoy those 5-7 days a whole lot more.
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if you find a good shop...they will guarantee the fit of the boot for the lifetime of the boot. and they shouldn't charge you labor...they will charge for a custom insole and heel lifts and stuff...but really...it shouldn't cost that much. And with the guaranteed fit. you can come back the next season too if they don't fit...basically...they'll work with you until it fits right.

a well fit boot will help your performance alot...things'll feel alot more responsive, and you'll have a more comfortable day on the slopes...and you won't get cold feet unless you're skiing in deep powder in which case...you can get boot warmers...but with the right fit, you won't have problems with circulation being cut off and you'll generally feel warmer feet [img]smile.gif[/img]

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