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Atomic ST 7

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Anybody ever see or ski on them?

I am assuming they are similar to an SL9 but softer flexing.
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I may be wrong but weren´t they on some Japanese website last winter? I may even have compared them with the standard models and speculated what they really were under the topsheet... That´s all I vaguely remember.
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I called Atomic USA up in Amhert, NH and spoke to a customer service rep.

She tried to find an engineer but none were around.

The woman I spoke to said it was essentially an SL9 makeup with a softer longitudinal flex.

My question is what about torsional stiffness?
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I got the skis in the mail today.

Other then the blue graphic and the integrated Device 310 plate and binding, it is pretty much an SL9.

It may be slightly softer and lighter but it's not by much and I think alot of that has to do with the plate on the SL9 and the added weight of the Neox.

The dimensions are printed different on the ST7 ski then they actually are.

When put back to back with an SL9 the match up perfectly.

For $280 you really cannot go wrong.

I'm sure my wife is gonna love them.
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