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9.12's in 140 cm?

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Hi all:

I'm curious if any shorty slalom experts have an opinion about how Atomic 9.12's would ski in a 140 cm length?

I am 6'0" 175 lbs, have skied many years, consider myself a finesse skier - I try not to use any muscles, preferring to balance and tip and let the skis turn by themselves. I do not ski particularly fast. I ski mostly in the west coast fog/muck meaning the conditions are usually pretty soft, if not downright gloppy.

I've been wanting to get a shorty slalom for running the groomers, and wonder if I should take a flier on a great deal on a 9.12 - but is 140 cm too short? Any opinions?
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Too short to be practical especially in ski stopping goop.
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Too short, I'm sure. My wife skied the 9.12 for 2 seasons and is now on the 11.12 - all in 150cm. She is 5'2" and light; an expert skier. She loves the skis, but in order not to lose your balance backwards (like you see happen so often these days in racing) you need to stay centered on the ski. At 140cm the ski would have practically - at your size - no tail.
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I'm also 6' 175. I skied that ski today....in a 170. I've tried 160's and they had there benefits, but 140, no way.
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use to have the 170 and skied on the 160s

go with either of those not the 140s...
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1) It's kind of interesting that we're responding to a 2003 thread

2) It's profound or simple that jamesK1 has yet to post anything except 'profound or simple' yet manages to reanimate zombie threads 5 years dead:

"Brains....." "Brainnnns...."

3) The 9.12 is stiff enough and versatile enough that a 140cm could have made a fun tele-learner ski on a short hill, if it were mounted with a Variocharger plate and a tele binding instead of one of the RaceXChargers and a 310/412

4) Where is L7?
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
1) It's kind of interesting that we're responding to a 2003 thread

Ah! I was wondering who was selling 9:12's. Mine are getting older.
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Those are a little short. I ski on a 151 cm RS SL for kicks sometimes but am 180# & 5'10". However,any ski can be fun. It's in the challenge.: Hey Newfy,how come you guys didn't want to ski the mank on Summit?
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