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Volkl Vertigo G3 Energy

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i'm looking to buy a set of Vertigo G3 Energy's. However i live in the UK so there's no chance to demo them here. I've read alot of the posts and they sound like excellent all mountain ski's, but i'm looking for advice regarding length and bindings.
I'm 5'11 and 70kg (about 160 lbs), i'm a level 8 and ski both on and off piste. I'm a pretty aggressive skier.
I know volkl sells these with marker bindings, but i've read alot of negative stuff about marker and don't really agree with the whole 'system' concept. The ski's come in 163, 177, 184 and 191. I'm tending toward a 177.
Can anyone help with advice on length, bindings or both. Any help would be much appreciated

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Welcome to Epicski.

I was skeptical about the energy rail system but once you get used to the soft feel it has, you begin to appreciate the way the system works. It allows your ski to flex very evenly and make much more round arc's since there is no "flat Spot" on the ski. A lot of the Marker problems (explod-matic) and pre-release issues that I have heard of have pretty much been eliminated. If you have good technique and can keep those skis on edge all the time, you will probably be happy with the 177.
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thanks for the advice. these will be my only ski's and i'm looking for something versatile.
have you skied the vertigo's in powder? do they float ok? is it hard to initiate non-carved turns if they are required?
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Hello, I have the G3 with Marker's 1300 Piston Control binding. The combination seems to make a very quiet ski. G3 has a healthy tail pop. You might try both the 177 and 184cms. It depends on what you like to do. Big turns, small turns, fast, medium? No opportunity to take it in deep yet. I like it, nice carving, seems adequate for relaxing to a skid. Skiing it centered (of course) with a emphasis on not lingering at the heel(again it has a strong tail).
Tried the Marker on the shop owner's recommendation. Again, I think the combo makes for a very quiet ski( almost too quiet). But I have already had a toe wing assembly problem which means a binding replacement (same). Is this what I get for forsaking the Looks and Rossi turntables that have been so reliable and solid with few if any "prereleases"?
Real nice ski. I have the 191cm. I stand 6'2" and weigh 13 stone 6. Aha!!!?
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G3 Energy? huh?

Do you have some kind of unique G3 where you live?

I thought the choice was Vertigo G3 or Vertigo Motion. Am I mistaken?

I thought the "Energy" skis were the carvers & racers.

Someone, please straighten this out. :
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the vertigo g3 is called the 'vertigo g3 energy' over here in the uk. maybe it's got a different name in the u.s??? maybe just marketing stuff??
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Vertigo G3 energY. The energY (their capital "Y") refers to the construction, that probably gives it more torsional strength without a heavier core. Actually, all their Motion skis have the energY construction.

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