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Snow in Park City

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Yep. It's here....
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This thread needs Pictures or a link: .

Glad to hear about the snow though.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA
This thread needs Pictures or a link: .

Glad to hear about the snow though.
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It was time.

I just checked my glacier.
Looks like fresh 10´ and visibly snowing in the livecam just now.
My gang´s already there.
Leaving Friday or Sunday, I hope.

Wish you all that white stuff aplenty. (Yours is better, you Westerners...)
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Yeah, Williard Peak and Ben Lomond had nice white caps on them as I was leaving work yesterday. And a little at Snowbasin:

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Check this out: we've got snow on the "cone" here, too

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Oh Yeah, Baby!

Another 12" or so and I will be up there skining my way to the 1st turns of the season:

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Here we go!

"In Utah, the ski industry was looking up.
Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort received its first snow of the year Tuesday with 6 inches atop 11,000-foot Hidden Peak. More snow was falling Wednesday."
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POWDR, Put the bottle down and step away
I guess the website cam, where you got the phot from, is out of focus. still the same, glad to see the white stuff.
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Are we there yet?

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