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Nordica Speed Machine 14 VS Tecnica Mags

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Anyone ski both these boots for a comparison ?
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Sorry I have not skied the Technica. But the Speedmachine 14s are hands down the best fitting boot out of the box that I have had in 45 years of skiing. I don't think they will need any adjustments for a while. I have a fairly normal forefoot with a low instep and narrow heel. They have a good heel counter which makes it feel like my heels are locked in. They are a slight bit stiff (120/130 flex), but still very comfortable for a boot. The only other boot that locked me in as solid was a pair of old Lange X9s and those were painful (1/2 size too small). Good luck on whatever you end up buying.
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I just bought a pair of Speedmachine 10s to replace my 8+ year old Langes and now have 6 days on them. The 10s are slighty softer than the 14s (100/110 flex) and have a slightly different liner, but basically the same boot. I am very happy with them - comfortable out of the box, warm (skied yesterday in below zero wind chill and no cold feet!), and great performance. I was comparing these to Technica Diablo Flames in the shop, but they didn't feel as good after having them on awhile. With boots, it's what fits your foot.
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Have not skied the Technica, but have two seasons on the 14's. They still fit as good as the day I bought them and are 2 sizes smaller than my last pair of Lange L-10's They are totaly snug yet very comfortable. I have noticed no packing out of the liner at all.
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Hi Gator,
Guess it is time for me to post. I have been lurking on the site almost daily for the past few years. I have skied both boots. Currently in the 14 for the last 2 seasons. Approx 40-50 days per season. Skied in the magnesium for the preceding 1 1/2 yrs. The 14's have a better liner, in the mag I had the non hot form liner which I heard does not pack out as much. The mag were soft compared with the 14's. For my size and wt 5' 6", 145lbs, I have had the 14's soften to more of my liking. I have a fairly standard foot, both boots fit well, just feel the 14 a higher performance boot. Super booster strap on 14 more to my liking than the one on the mag. Maybe it is my imagination, but the plastic sole on the mag seemed to wear much faster than on my current 14's. Hope this helps.
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Great, after replying for my first post. I noticed the date stamp on the original post was 10/3/05. Oh, well live and learn.
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glad you guys ignored the original time stamp since I just bought the speedmachine 14, the comments helped narrow my selection.
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Hi - I purchased a pair of 14's and love the fit, but the flex is too stiff.  I'm good sized (6'4", 200 lbs) and have traditionally skied pretty stiff boots (Dalbellos and and Solomon's that were 110 - 120 flex) but the 120 flex on the 14's feels much stiffer, like they don't hardly flex at all.  You indicated in your post that you "had the 14's softened to more of your liking".  Does that mean you had the stiffness reduced?  If so, how?  I really love everything else about this boot, but need it a little softer.


Does anyone else have advice on how to "soften" the flex on a boot?  Thanks much!

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Hi, I´m wondering if I could use 14 's also for freeride. I have almost no experience with them, but I have tried them and they fit me and I need boots which I could use on slope and also off the slope. thanks ;)
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 My speedmachine 14s are perfect.  I use them as freeride and everything else boots.  Best boot I've ever owned.  I use a custom footbed, intuition liner, and hotronic heater.  Sometimes I use them unbuckled.
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