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April in Chamonix?

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Anyone skied in Chamonix in early April? Wondering about the snow conditions and skiing so late in the season.
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I did. 12 yrs ago for my honeymoon. It was mid late April (from apr 18th on) nearly end of the season.
Only the North exposed areas were skiable, if you intend to ski the lift served areas only, that is. But weather was fantastic. Of course you do realise that in 12 yrs everything could have changed...So, get in touch with Tom (@Cham), here or over at TGR, he spends (or used to spend) the whole winter there.
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Ask around on either of these forums, they can probably give you more specific info:



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I skied two days in Chamonix at the end of April this year before heading out on a week long hut skiing trip. Very warm and spring like, but still plenty of snow up high at the Grand Montets. You didn't have to pay the extra fee to take the tram up to the top too.
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