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I would like to know a couple of things about plug boots. My current boot is the Tecnica XT17. I am pretty happy with it. I was intrested in buying a new pair of boots (Atomic Race Tec, Salomon X2, Nordica Dobermann 150, Tecnica Race R 150). iriponsnow told me the differences (on snow) between the Dobie and the XT.
However, i noticed that Jeff Bergeron stated that the boots hold better on ice than my boot and that the XT is better for mixed terain.
There are some things i would like to know guys and i can't think of a better place to discuss this than Epicski. I hope the plug boot experts can help me. Any input from the reps would be helpful, especially from the Atomic reps and experts. I think they are honest and i trust them.

I would like to know if you think that one of these plugs is better than the others.
I would also like to know if Bode, Daron and all of the Austrian Ski team switched last year to Atomic because they liked the Atomic Race Tech better than the Lange, Nordica etc. Did they do this because they really think that the Atomic is better than the others or because they wanted the $$. I heard that they were "forced" to switch unless they wanted to lose their skis.

What is your opinion, guys?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Originally Posted by rx-7
Did they do this because they really think that the Atomic is better than the others or because they wanted the $$. I heard that they were "forced" to switch unless they wanted to lose their skis.
Not exactly to the point, but a note:

Hermann Maier wasn't tied to Atomic. He switched back and forth between Atomic and Lange for awhile, then went to Atomic Race Tec, then switched to some other Atomic boot at the end of the year.

Lasse Kjus went to Atomic boots, even though he uses Dynastar skis.
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Okay, not only for the cash but for better support also. Maybe the Atomic athetes have to be on the ski,boot,binding setup. What i don't get is why did they all change at the same time? Isn't that weird? Are they like sheep? Were there any problems with Lange, the RL1, probably the most sucessful boot. Now they have the RL11. Will anybody at least try the new Lange? Probably not.


One other thing to support my theory is that almost all other athletes are on the same ski,boot,binding setup from the company they are under contract with.
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what happens at the WC has no bearing on what happens in the real world and unless you were involved in each athletes negotiations the stories you will get on epic will be wrong...so find the boot that fits you best or your boot serviceman has the most success with...
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rx-7, what are you looking for in a new boot?
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Now i know the answer. I asked an expert bootfitter (one of the best in the country) and he told me.

Steve, i just wanted to know if the RT is better than the other boots. It is not.
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I am in the new Lange RL-11 (so I guess some will try), and I switched from the RL-1. I also, based on the new design went down a size (from 8 to 7), and I wear a size 9-9.5 shoe. The new design, kind of a cross between the RL-1 upper cuff and the LF 130 lower cuff. The fit is immeasurably better. More room in the toe area (I had to punch/grind the sixth toe area in the RL-1) and I didn't have to in the new RL-11. Plus the lower shell is not V cut so low in the new boot, which I think contributes to much more consistent and predictable flex pattern. IMHO, I think this is the best new design change in the Lange in the past twenty years (that's how long I've been in Langes, maybe I just have a Lange foot?). In addition, the inner boot is a much better design, with a neoprene toe booty area and a better tongue design. Finally, the mesh between the upper and lower cuff is much more seamless, with additional room in the ankle flexion area, thus allowing for more articulation of the ankle and foot. Just my $0.02.
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