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It's snowing-finally!

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Well, I am finally getting jazzed about ski season after that disaster last year! It's about time! It has snowed a few inches here at Bachelor-the first real snow of the season! For now, it is still cycling and climbing weather, but the real snow will be here soon enough! http://www.mtbachelor.com/mountain_services/
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Welcome back.
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I'll echo Lostboy's sentiments. Have missed your posts and gear insight.

I was afraid the bad season had led you to commit hari-kari or something.
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Nice to be back! I have been riding my bike alot and been busy with wedding planning (last weekend was the big day!) Now, time to turn my attention to getting ready for the upcoming (hopefully coming soon!) winter. Our first batch of skis showed up the other day, so that got my blood flowing (can't wait to get some arcs on those new Elan RipSticks that showed up!).

I hope you all had a great summer!
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Congrats on your wedding dawgcatcher!! How exciting!
And I hope you get tons of snow, you PNWers deserve it!
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Welcome back Dawg and thanks againfor setting me up with a great deal onthe Head Monster 77chips last spring. I used them all through the Eastern Spring Crud and love them. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by dawgcatching
can't wait to get some arcs on those new Elan RipSticks that showed up!
I've got my eye on those Ripsticks, too. Does anyone else LOVE the look of them as I do? Very simple and clean graphics, but effective. A real throwback.

Oh, and congrats, too, Dawgcatching!
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