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1080's for young'uns

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Any thoughts on last year's 1080s in a 151 for
a 10 year old intermediate who is already
5'3" and 105-110 lbs.?
Does anyone know if the dimensions were scaled
down as the length went down to 151?
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I think that it would be a great ski. My wife and 14 year old son have been trading off a pair of 161's for the last two years. It works great in soft snow and can even carve a little on the hard stuff.
I mount all my kids skis with demo's because they grow so fast.

I think they tweaked the dimensions, but I am not sure.
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Sounds kinda long to me.
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Go for them, they are great for kids. My daughter go a 161 and rips on them in all conditions. At least down to 161 they are not scaled.
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John -

Consider a longer length. It will be hard on your son but if you're going to borrow them (the number one reason to buy kids decent gear) then I wouldn't go shorter than 161 cm.
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Thanks for the replies.
It's a girl.
151 would be about nose high.
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Look at the 720's also for a kid. Less money, little softer (as if the 1080's aren't soft enough). At 105 lbs, they should work fine. Just a thought if they will be outgrown in a season or two.
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Perfect choice as long as she isn't heading for the race course.
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